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Government AllOther Interview Questions
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When & how the NIC PI result will publish?


I have written ISRO exam for the post of SCIENTIST/ENGINEERING-SC on 26-04-2009.So how long will it take to know the result?????


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i have cleared the SBI clerical written test exam & have interview on 23 may so please suggest me about the Interview of the same. post the suggestions on

State Bank Of India SBI,


hi my name is venu. i got call letter for sbi clerks interview on 27-may. this is first time i am facing the sbi interview, so can any body help me how will be the interview and on which topic they will concentrate more. please replay me to my mail: i will be waiting for ur replay friends. have a nice day.

State Bank Of India SBI,

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Hi friends. I have been selected in sbi clerk exam for punjab interview is on 25 may 2009.please tell me is there anyone whose interview is before this date.please tell me friends.


i have been called for interview by sbi for clerical on 27 of may,can any 1 provide me question paper of last 5 yr @ my email id its

State Bank Of India SBI,


send me question papers n answers for sbi clerical @

State Bank Of India SBI,


can anybody help me in tellling wat type of questions is being asked in bank of baroda interview for clerical post.plz mail me at

Bank of Baroda,


Hi, I've applied for HPCL(Information System Officer)& UIIC (A).Plz send me previous/sample papers and any suggestions regarding this exam.Please advice me good study material or related links. Thanks in advance sapna



hello everyone i have cleared the exam for clerical post in SBI n now i want some information regarding d interview... if anyone knows wat type of questions are asked in SBI's interview.. pls let me know.


hello everyone i have cleared the exam for clerical post in SBI n my interview is on may 28th.. i m really tensed about the interview.. if anyone knows wat type of questions are asked in the interview... plllsss let me know.. thanx


when the mpsc exam form published


what is the minimum majority required to form a government in any state in India?

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do i know the procedure for entrance in public sector undertaking(PSU)?

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Hi, I am electronics engineer.I just wanted to know if i can apply for vizagsteel management trainee position as they have mentioned all branches except electronics engineering


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Has anybody got offer letter from sbi, kerala circle for clerical post?


i want to prepare for the post of branch manager?but i dont know wht is asked in its exam?so if any one know kindly post a reply... how to prepare for the post of branch manager.what are the areas should i focus on.what will be the selection produre and what will be the salary? i have currentl done my with Information technology branch ...


what your view about-moral values ??


i have apply for RBI grade B officer exam.i am confused about the exam preparation.please guide me about any book for email id


What is the role and resposibilty of thr Deputy field offcer (General) in cabinet secretariat


How to prepare for G.K. in postal assistant exam?


hi, i am ashok from ap state .i applied for posta assistants 2010. i have 97.4%in inter and can iget hal ticket. my typing is not upto 30 words per minute . how can get the job, and i applied for ongole division ,is the exam conducted in that division or not ,please tell me . or message me on 9346607904. thank u,


I got selection as Postal Assistant in Kerala circle.I want some clarification regarding Salary.What is meant by Incriment & hw it calculates. Also i wish to pursue my Post Garduation.Is there any chance to get Study laeve or long leave...i need just two years...... Hope reply


please tell us the address of office of the Electical licesning board in gujarat state with their phone nos. reply soon , thanks


hi could anyone tell me that what is the syllabus and qn model for HPCL engineering trainee exam????


What is the interest rate for SBI Accounts? Interest rates for Loans?


please send me a previous years questions papers of staff selction exams of group four for the posting of clerk


which is the gas used for artificial ripening of green fruit ?


please send the last 5 years {{{JUNIOR ENGINEER - ELECTICAL, ELECTRONICS RRB CHENNAI}}} TECHNICAL question papers TO MY EMAIL ID


i want to issue form H , we can issue it quarterly or yearly what is the fact please provide knowledge.