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Government AllOther Interview Questions
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ALL water Lying south of the Latitude 55* in the southern hemisphere is called

TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,


the term SOCIOLOGY is derived from

TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,


the term SOciology was coined by

TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,


The preamble of the indian constitution was prepared by

TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,


Aryans not only came to india but also infused their culture with tamil culture through

TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,


representatives of Union Terrritories in Lok Sabha are chosen by

TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,


the idea of diective principLes of state poLicy was taken from

TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,


which system of banking is followed in India

TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,


second world tamil Conference was held in

Group 4 iv, TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,


sarkaria commission was appointed

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Which the state with 2 capitals

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When the hell will OBC declare the final result for the post of clerks for which interview held in the month of april 09 (april 7 to 16) plz tell

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hi guys, I just wanted to ask you guys that i had appeared for clerical post of oriental bank of commerce for karnataka region.But i dont know kannada...............please confim can i b selected or not just crossing my fingers rashmi

Oriental Bank Of Commerce,


hi, I have selected in bank of baroda for clerk post so anyone can help me in providing me the interview question which can be asked. Thanks


iam preparing for drug inspector exams send me some books name preparation regarding exams

DVS, Genpact, Jayraj,

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Hello, I am Robin. I am going to give test for the post of MANAGEMENT TRAINEE - PERSONNEL, but i haven't syllkabus for it. If you have any information relating to it (question papers or syllabus) please send it to me on my email-id Thank You


hi frnds plz tel me wat s dis computr literacy test? xpectd questions?online/offline?and is time duration? plz answr me frnds


my name is rahul i have cleared sbi interview but i have not submitted noc certificate of obc can any one mail me the format for noc certificate my email id is ""


what are the promotions after selection of acio in ib


ny body have previous year question paper of deputy field officer (tele) main exam then kindly send me inks or paper plzzz i need help for this. i cant find


how did you get the business


what do you do when you get two different


To whom should be addressed an application or nomination for Padma Awards and what is the complete procedure for applying?


If my wage is less than Rs 2500/- per month.Am I eligible for EPF deduction by the employer


How to prepare for G.K. in postal assistant exam?


i am selected in uppcl for AE in electrical.please tell me what is asked in interview or mail me at n good luck to all


how can i prepare for ceptam 03,my subject is textile , which books shd i refer


when the police constables recuriment decleration of 2012 ?


Hi Raghavan here i wrote bank of baroda exam and got call letter for interview on 16/01/10. Hw many rounds will be conducted any experienced person can guide me since i am in MMG/S II . mail me on


what are the questions asked in the interview of trafic supervisor trainee in apsrtc?