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Government AllOther Interview Questions
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is there any one from orissa who cleared NIC written test. please contact me in this number 9853791933


Which article of the Constitution of USA, UK and Canada provides the protection of President against criminal proceedings in a court during his term?


Hai i m Sathishkumar T (salem tamilnadu) im selected state bank of india cutomer relationship executive (CRE) written exam which was held 1st feb 09 ,and subsequent interview will held by coming 20th april. can anyone send me what are all the questions they are asking during the interview im expect which details some brief? please send me my mail also i m expect very eager to ur reply. regards sathish 9943322203 Tamilnadu


Hai dear all wht are all the questions they are asked in sbi interview? im selected state bank of india written exam in the post of cutomer relationship executive (CRE).my interview is sheduled at 20th april. please help me to facing the interview.My personnal information is i have been working past 2 and half years in icici bank as a Business Banking Executive. send me also my mail id thaks in advance sathish T 9943322203

State Bank Of India SBI,


im preparing for the ISRO written test. i want the objective questions of computer science and engineering subjects.


When can we expect the results of National insurace company's exams which was held last month(FEB).Can you help out with the hall ticket series number(first five digits)

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Hi.. M applied for ISRO exams scheduled on 26 april... Heard dat only short listed candidates r called 4 Wriiten test..Do anyone know the Criteria or do anyone got further info abt d exam..?


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anybody say any website adress for TNPSC group 1 main exam general studies paper 1, paper 2 (2008) question paper


Q 1. which of the following is essentially a solo dance? a)kuchipudi b) kathak c) Manipuri d)Mohiniattam Q. 2 who among the following Delhi sultans is known for introducing market control mechanism? a) Iltutmish b) Balban c)Alauddin khilji d) Firoze Tughlaq 3. Five years plan are finally approved by the - a) Planning Commission b) National development council c) President d) Prime minister 4.How much percentage of nitrogen in in the atmosphere a)10% b)33% c)50% d) 78%


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Hi, I am appearing ISRO exam on April 26th 2009.Anyone got hallticket from ISRO for the position of Scientist.


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hi i am preparing for Andrapradesh grameenavikas bank clerks,union bank and other bank p o's please send model paper questions



Federal Bank, Syndicate Bank,

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please send for divisional account offier syllabus for my mail,


ineed previous questions of oriantal insurence company o the ost of administrative officers


could any one tell me what type of interview is conducted by shipping corporation of india for selection process of IT officers,whether it is technical,personnal or kind of mix.please send me some tamplet questions also.......


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can a 12th pass person working in army eligible to apply for the post of police sub inspector through MPSC maharashtra public service commission??


what your view about-raging ??


hi, i took selected for SBI clerks' 2009 and my interview date is on 29/4/10 in nungambakkam chennai. anyone who is having earlier date pls help me with some questions


the duration for issuing the form h to purchase parties


does an inspector in central excise get a gun at the joining time period?


how many members can be created inside a single ICDS?


why will you be wanted beome a assistant commandant


what is the prospect of assistant in ministry of external affairs recruited through staff selection.and which post is better income tax inspector or assistant in ministry of exetrnal affairs


Respected Sir/Madam, I have selected for the post of PO in Canfin Homes Limited, So please give me some important questions regarding the Interview. Thanking You.


hello to all, i m selected on the postal assistant cadre in postal dept. i wamt to ask about the promotional hierachy for a candidate recruited as a postal assistant. plz help me . my email id is


Wat is SAS in CGDA? its grade pay and fututre prospect?how long one can goin hierarchy after clearing this exam? plz give all the info related to SAS.


i am selected in uppcl for AE in electrical.please tell me what is asked in interview or mail me at n good luck to all


i want to issue form H , we can issue it quarterly or yearly what is the fact please provide knowledge.


Is there any transfers allowed for Postal Assistants;to his native(Home)town ?


what is the salary for post master