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Government AllOther Interview Questions
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i need NIC written test paper or give me any idea about written exam.Plz send me…


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When will be the sbi clerical final results expected to be declared for which written held on 6th july?


can some one guide me as how to prepare for NIC entrance exam ( technical test) are there any sample questions. in which areas do i have to concentate


please guide me to prepare for NIC exam (technical)

L&T, NIC, TATA, Wipro,

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Can anybody tell me whether there are english question asked for NIC Scientific Officer entrance test exam?



how to prepare for nic programmer post



pleae send me previous five years SBI clerical questions to my mail( All types of puzzles asked in SBI exam.

State Bank Of India SBI,


hi all iam going to give AAI tech exam i did my BE in electronics and communication if any one have any sample papers for it please mail me at


Hi friends this is vijaya...pls send the NIC exam pattern and previous papers to mail

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hi, I am going to attend the TNPSC Group1 exam.. I need the syllabuse for preliminary and how to prepare for the exam. the exam is on April 12.

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dear friends, can any one send me the previous years question paper of NIC exam. my mail id is


any one know about MPSC pre exam 2009.....? form submission and exam date .......?

Bajaj, MPSC,

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Hi, Can anyone tell on which subjects the questions are asked in NIC Entrance Exam


please guide me to prepare for NIC exam (technical)



I m preparing for PSU Exam but i m unable to get its syllabus or any web site for it. Can u plz tell me about any more.


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Hi, I have cleared karnataka bank clerk exam and will b called for interview.kindly send me interview questions to mail id plzzzzzzz..


when will be declared ssa final result of epfo?


hii, i am in (h) -III year and i got job in central govt. as postal assistant and i have a training of 45 days which is coming in between my final papers i want to now if i can give papers again in the same year and safe my 3rd year other than doing it by correspondance .... thanks.


hi, i took selected for SBI clerks' 2009 and my interview date is on 29/4/10 in nungambakkam chennai. anyone who is having earlier date pls help me with some questions


Respected sir, I have qualified in the sbi clerical test .Now my interview is on 26-04-2010.So pls tell me what questions are asked in the interview and tell me the reference book for interview in sbi.


Sir if i get job as tax assistant in Customs and central excise??How many years i need to wait to get promoted as Inspector in Customs and central excise?


How Much TDS will deducted for contract empolyee, while his CTC is 9000/-per month


pls tell the technical question of bsnl junior engineer


A synchronous generator generating power and transfered through long loss less line with receiving end open with field voltage has constant then after some time the circuit breaker gets opened between line and generator terminals then what is effect of terminal voltage and field current


plz send me question paper in bhel in previous year.


i've applied for LIC ADO 2010..failed to keep the system generated application printout..Now i am selected for interview...Will they admit me for interview with out the application printout??? pls reply


what is the 1th question




can anyone provide me deputy field officer paper tele.....pls help


Dear sir what is the questions asked in TNPSC Group II interview.