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VSAM Interview Questions
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Can we copy a sequential file to a VSAM file ? If yes, What will happen of the size of the sequential file is bigger than that of the VSAM file?

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1. delete is not possible in esds. why? 2. i have 10 records in a esds file and i want to delete only 1st record ..then what i have to do?.. it will not affect any sequence of the RBA. 3. why open extend is not possible in rrds vsam file?

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if not using the 'commit' when closing VSAM file,what will happend


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How do I declare the KSDS vsam so that I can store a reocrd with variable length?.

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How to createing new version of GDG with out loosing the data in preaves GDG version?

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When CISZ is declared as 4096 at cluster level,is this true that data will have 4096 and index will have default?????


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how to view clusters that has more than 10000 records

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By seeing a program how we findout it is a VSAM program?


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What is the maximum number of Alternate Index ???

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How to insert values for variables that are declared as COMP-3 variables in COBOL program in an already created VSAM file.

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How to rename one vsam file as well as it's index?


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how to see the last records in vsam dataset??

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Suppose a generation of GDG gets created in a particular step of a proc. How would you refer the current generation in a subsequent step? What would be the disposition of this generation now?

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Do all versions of the GDG have to be of the same record length ? is it possible to ovverride the dcb of the model dataset?

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can we create PS file using IDCAMS utility?


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What is the use of KSDS,LDS,ESDS,RRDS??what is VRRDS?? How are all these useful in realtime scenario??Plz helpme out...Its a recent question in IGATE..


What is control interval?


Differentiate between ci split and ca split?


explain how do you define a gdg in vsam?


What is the main purpose of having user catalog in vsam?


what do you mean by gdg in vsam?


what is the syntax of ams modal commands?


how can you load a vsam data set with records ?


what is the purpose of the verify function of idcams?


what is buffering and how does it apply to vsam files ?


what is meant by s0c-07 system abend codes?


Explain the function of entry-sequenced data set?


On which dataset you can have alt index?


what is meant by dirty read in vsam?


differentiate between sequential files and esds files in vsam?