VB Script Interview Questions
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How to get the background color of a weblist?


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HI how can handle dynamic image through vb script example we have to create email id fill the edit box(these latters change wrong password) i am wating your answer

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how to increasing the numbers in a given text box please write a vb script


how to increase the values in text box in a given text box increament by two values by clicking on button


Have any one know about Test Complete 6, please let me know. If any one have good material regarding Test Complete 6, Please send to my mail id: cns.praveen@gmail.com

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Please let me Know regarding any material regarding VB Scripting which should be easily understandable for Beginners.


WHAT IS ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES?and where it is used in real time scenario?

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If anyone knows abt Test Complete material, Pls let me Know. if u have any material or any documents..... Pls mail me on this mail Id...... This is very Urgent Requirment..... for my Project.....

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what is the purpose of the Reporter.ReportEvent in QTP and also please give the brief description about Reporter.ReportEvent ?


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what is the standards used for writing the script in QTP


what is the differenece btwn scripting language and programming language

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Hi anyone Can Send Solution to the Question wt m posting now Prepare Script for the Bellow Scenario? Login to Gmail Page Open Inbox check Mails save them in a Folder



Open Yahoo Login Page in that page Suppose i have 100 mails and i want to delete 10'th mail now give procedure & Coding For that Scenario

IBM, AppLabs,

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why variable name should not exceed 255 characters?


how to comvert 120 into one hunderd twenty rupees only and vice varsa


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where can i learn VB scripint ?


can anyone tell me the procedure of interview held in applabs


what types of bugs will we find out in banking projects for automation testing?


Plzzzzzzz can any one tell me which is the best institute in hyderabad for learing VBScript. plz do answer guys its urgent plzzzzzzz. thanks in advance.


Write a Script for ATM in QTP


write a function to read the items from combobox of Flight reservation & save in excel (QTP)??


after medical test,when will be the police verification


how to write a vb script in QTP for yahoo registration form, i want to check the performance also like performance test, stress, load test like that.


regular expression that will recognize a browser as long as its name property starts with mybrowser


hi Set myobj=Description.Create() myobj("type").value="submit" myobj("name").value="google search" myobj("html tag").value="button" browser("title:=google").page("title:=google").webButton (myobj).Click i was running above code in one weak back it was working fine i got result,again i opened after few days ,again i was trying to run the code it shows run time error in last line of my code ,why ?pls answer my question?


i am having some basic knowledge in c and VB 6.0. i qtp i want to know how to write the codings. by recording it is generating lot of codings. for example i want to test the text box. senerio is text box should not accept alphabets if it accept alphabets we should return fail status if it get number we should return pass status. how to write coding in vb script please help me


Could Anybody Please tell me What is the script for Find 3rd Largest element in the Array without using a SORT function int Find(int arr[], int size); Thanks in Advance..


There are 5 web pages.write a script to click the button on 4th web page.


How to Enter Values on the Command promt using VB script


Dear All, I am geting below IE error whilie executing the QTP scripts in Batch mode "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." can any one suggest me how to resolve this issue . Thanks Balaji