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What is the difference between ByRef and ByVal. When to use ByRef and ByVal

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Hi, I need to accept user inputs for login at runtime.I know i can use Inputbox but how to proceed further that i dont know. Thanks in advance

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How can we return a value from User Defined Function ? For Eg. we have 2 functions. In Fun1 i am getting 2 values (a,b) and i am addding those 2 and storing in to another var (c). Now i want to pass that var(c) to another function (fun2). What will be the script?


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In the Web page we have a table link, if we click on that link all the contents under that link will be sorted (asscending/Descending). Now i want to check in which order the list is ? for that i need to get the data in to some var How can i get that cells data?



We have 1 web page with names column. I am giving the Service Providers1,2,3.... @ that time dynamically some no of names are displaying in the webpage and The Pop up windows are opening(No.of Pop Up windows=No.of Names). The names may be diffar for each and every Service Provders (Dynamically) How can we handle the Dynamic values?


Hello All, In QTP 9.2 for Mozilla Firefox, there is webelement in my application, I tried to click on that using decsriptive programming, but it does not work. and for this i tried this code too: Set obj = CreateObject ("Mercury.DeviceReplay") absx = Browser("").Page("").WebElement(".").GetROProperty ("abs_x") absy = Browser("").Page("").WebElement(".").GetROProperty ("abs_y") obj.MouseMove absx, absy obj.MouseClick absx, absy, 0 But it is not clicked. Can anyone help me out for this problem. Thnx in Advance

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Hi All, I am facing one problem in QTP. There is link object in my application that exist in the Frame in mozilla firefox. Click event on that object is not working but once the frame is enabled/activated then click event works fine.But the frame does not have the activate property. This problem is coming in firefox only. Regards


How to identify column in VSFlexgrid? My VSFlexgrid window is identified as 'Active X Control'


Hellow friends, I am learning QTP,but here problem is VB script. please guide me how to learn VB script w.r.t QTP and if you know any books tell me or if you have any materials or any use full material or any else w.r.t QTP please post me p.p.sekhar


in qtp we ve datatable look like excel ,if we want to extract data from excel which saved in my documet how can i get that in datatable using vb script

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hi all, i had a question, that how to find out hiding a coloumn in a table i had a table having the following column names NAME DESCRIPTION CREATED TIME CREATED USER if i right clicked on a NAME column it will displays a menu having the same column names in a list like NAME DESCRIPTION CREATED TIME CREATED USER with check boxes.if i unched any check box, that column name should not be appear in the main table column names could anyone please solve this problem?



what is the use of Data base check point ?

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hai all.iam chandu..please let me know how to test a link in QTP when it is changing at run time..and what property we should take while we r using descriptive programming for a link..

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How to write a general script which should does the following a). If a page object is given, it should identify the page object of the corresponding page(site). b). It should identify all the links of that particular page. in QTP tool?

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how to write codings in QTP using vb script. please help me. i am new to QTP. it is easy or very much tough. please tell me


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how to check whether link is disabled in QTP??




Can we create Crystal Report object in QTP?If yes then what it is and what are its various properties?


what is inner join? what is outer join? what is a constraint? tell me about rdbms? tell me about acid properties?


Hai this is sheik, i want to learn VB scripts for web application pls guide me what are all basic things need to know to learn VB scripts in web application.


How to make professional test report using vbscript code in UFT, which gives us complete analysis of the test.


1.I want to establish connection with excel and also want to fetch the data using SQL queries. 2.the code should be written in such a way that in future if I want to migrate from excel to MS excess database , then there should be minimal changes.


what is resorceallocation


Can automation testing find ssame no. of bugs what we can find by manual testing?


Anyone have qtp11.0 crack?


if u ve resrevation for train and u get a number supose 1234xxxokie.after sucessul entering all required fields. now u put that number in search and want to chk wether these ar same or not if both ar same then its okie otherwise test fail.what would be the vb script code for it to compare these two values of different page.


If a calulator having 3 buttons (of any number)in 3 of them one is not working properly due to which answer is wrong always. write a script to find out which button is not working properly ?


create a form to accept username and password validate the username and password with using message box, display the corresponding user message


Can u describe what kind of testing are for OTC derivates by banks.


Like OPTION EXPLICIT statement what are the other statements used in vbscript and their usage. Please post me all the statements please.