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IMS Interview Questions
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What does the Change Accum do?

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What is difference between concurrent image copy and online image copy?


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What are two reasons to run the DB Batch backout utility?

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An application programmer comes to you and says your DB is no good, they got an II status code on an insert call from IMS, is this a DB problem?

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What are all the possible inputs to the DB recovery utility?

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Which DB access method (OSAM or VSAM) is better and why?

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What is Program Isolation?

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how do you invoke an IMS screen (coded in COOOLGEN) from a MQ transaction..... help plz?????



What will happens when a BMP programs takes a checkpoints?

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15. Secondary indexes can be used with following databases a. HSAM,HISAM,HIDAM b. HIDAM, HISAM c. HDAM, HISAM, HIDAM d. All the above

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What are the special considerations of the PROCOPT field based on the type of operation your program performs

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Which command code can be used for backing up IMS database?

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Can a variable length segment be declared in IMS? If yes, what is the structure; If no, why?

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What are the ways to mapping external control block? a. ENTRY b. PROCEDURE DIVISION USING c. CALL ‘DLITCBL’ d. ALL ABOVE e. A & B


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Write the format of program starting from identification division for checkpoint restart logic.

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What are the two ways in which dl/i interface can be invoked?


What is psb?


Define psb?


Define acb?


Explain psbgen process?


What information does a psb contain?


Explain acbgen process?


How many root segments do we have per database record?


What is meant by batch dl/i mode?


What is meant by mpp mode?


What is the disadvantage of dynamic generation of acb?


Explain the maximum of key fields and search fields allowed in a segment?


What are the main control blocks available in ims db?


What is the maximum number of levels allowed in ims db?


Explain the maximum number of fields allowed per segment and what is the maximum number of fields per database?