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DB2 Interview Questions
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This was related to -811 sqlcode, In a COBOL DB2 program which accesses employee table and selects rows for employee 'A', it should perform a paragraph s001-x if employee 'A' is present. In this case it gets -811 sqlcode, but still it process the paragraph s001-x. What could be wrong in my code.

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i want to maintain uniqueness on pdf without make lf??????????


When a COBOL-DB2 program in PRODUCTION is updating main tables and gone for long run, what have to do?



in my project..TEST is db2 8.1 version In PROD it is 7.1 if i do REORG in TEST.. can I use the same REORG jcl with out modification in PROD region (this is DB2 8.1 )? if not, what modification i need to do in my REORG control card?


can any one provide me the link for the db2 v7 & db2 v8 manual for Z/os? i need to know about the syntax of REORG in both versions & need to know the difference as well


What does an outer join do?


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What happens to a cursor after a commit?

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What do you do to keep the cursor from closing after a commit?

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How do you check for a null value in a db2 column?

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Hi Everyone... Under the Logical files, when am working on multiple rec format logical file, I have joined two pf's using the multiple record format logical file concept, but when i run queried the LF only the first mentioned pf records are reflecting and I am not able to see any of the field records specified under the second pf. Kindly let me know whats the reason behind this. Below is the str of LF., R rec PFILE(LOGICAA) CUSTNO CUSTNAME BILL K CUSTNO R rec1 PFILE(LOGICAA1) CUSTNO ADD K CUSTNO .....


File not opened because library is *PROD and debug is UPDPROD(*NO). ? what may be the reason? how to solve it..?



SI Stud name Subject Marks Pass/Fail 1 Sham Maths 40 P 1 Sham Physics 50 P 1 Sham Bio 20 F 2 Ram Maths 40 P 2 Ram Physics 50 P 2 Ram Bio 60 P For the above data , write the SQL query for the student who passed in all the subjects . For eg : I want the data of only Ram coz he passed all subjects .


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Hi Team, Please tell me, If i don't declare the cursor in the program and i have given open and fetch and close, then what error will get.


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I have a main program (A) where we delete some rows in table in a cursor, and we commit it in sub program(B). What will happen - will we get an error or not?

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Q1. How will you use two different DB2 qualifiers in a single COBOL program? Suppose we have 2 tables EMP1 and EMP2 with same structure defined in two different DB2 qualifiers QUAL1.EMP1 and QUAL2.EMP2 now during first 15 days we want to use QUAL1.EMP1 and rest of the days QUAL2.EMP2  how will we do this.  We can create a single program and a single load for this program. 


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What is db2 optimizer?


How to fetch the last row from the table in SQL (db2)?


How do I add a column to an existing table in db2?


Which components manage deadlocks in db2?


What is package in cobol db2?


What is image copy in db2?


What is runstats db2?


What is isolation level in db2?


What is ibm db2 client?


What is rebind in db2?


What is difference between alias and synonym in db2?


Where do you specify them?


Explain how can you do the explain of a dynamic sql statement?


What does reorg do in db2?


Which are the db2 tools to protect integrity of the database?