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JCL Interview Questions
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What are the differences between JES2 & JES3 ?

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What are the causes for S0C1, S0C4, S0C5, S0C7, S0CB abends ?


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What is DATACOM db?

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What is a Dummy Utility and what it does ?

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What 3 guidelines do we have to follow when concatenating DD statements?

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On the DD statement, what is the main difference between creating a new sequential flat file and a partitioned dataset?

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What is the difference between IEBGENER, IEBCOPY and REPRO in IDCAMS utility?

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What is the difference between catalogue procedure and In-Stream procedure?

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What do you feel makes a good program?

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What is the error code SOC01 indicate ?


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What is a procedure?

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Can we browse or edit the GDG dataset if it is a tape entry?

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What happens if both JOBLIB and STEPLIB is specified ?

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What is order of searching of the libraries in a JCL?

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What is the difference between static call & Dynamic call ?

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What methodology can be adapted to transfer data to a program that is coded using the exec statement?


Explain the jcl exec statement?


how to compare two datasets without using superce because output is limited to 133 bytes


how can a gdg base be created in a jcl. What is the difference between empty and scratch parameter while defining/altering gdg base?


which utility is used to sort a file in jcl?


what is use of dcb parameter in dd statement?


If a (+1) generation dataset is created in the first step of a job, how can it be referenced in later steps of the same job for input?


List the various advantages of using jcl language?


Can I send output of job to my remote device careerride123?


Can we use DISP=SHR in output file in JCL


What are the rules employed while naming the steps in a job?


Explain the purpose of dd dummy statement?


Does jcl support automatic restart?


What is multithreading in jcl?


Differentiate between addressing mode and run mode.