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JCL Interview Questions
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What are the maximum and minimum sizes of any CONTROL AREA (VSAM datasets) ?


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How to get cursor position from system in CICS environment ?

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How many parameters are there to a DISP statement and what are their uses ?

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What is the difference between specifying DISP=OLD and DISP=SHR for a dataset?


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What does SYSIN * indicate?

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What u mean by include statement in JCL ?

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The maximum number of in-stream procedure you can code in any JCL is ?

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What is a COND parameter in JCL?


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How many types of libraries are there in JCL ?


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What you mean by skeleton JCl?

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How do you submit a JCL under CICS environment ?


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How to change default PROCLIB?

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The disp in the JCL is MOD and the program opens the file in OUTPUT mode. What happens ? The DISP in the JCL is SHR and the program opens the file in EXTEND mode. What happens ?

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How to execute a set of JCL statements from a COBOL program ?

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What are three major types of JCL statements? What are their functions?

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Define concatenating?


what are the types of abends that occur on job failure? And explain the possible causes of these


What is NOTCAT ?


What is the function of a dd statement?


Explain in DD statement what is the use of DCB parameter?


what are the ways of passing data to a cobol program from jcl?


Is it possible to define dd statements as you want?


have in 100 records in a file i want to read first 3 records and skip next 3 records and agan i want to read 3 records and again i want to skip 3 records... run a loop from record one to 10 evaluate i/3 if comes even then skip else write to output file


what operation is performed by job statement?


How to do automated restart when a job abend?


what happens in execution stage in job processing?


When The Define Jcl Is Not Available, How Can You Get Information About A Vsam File's Organisation ?


What is notcat 2 - gs?


How can the attributes of one sms dataset be copied to another dataset?


Explain the job statement in jcl?