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JCL Interview Questions
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I have a job (4 steps) with time parameter coded in job & exec, say time=10 in job & time =3,2,2,4 in each steps. Will the job executes successfully?


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How to find out the number of records in a file using JCL


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Say I have a file with 12 records. Each record has the name of the month. I have to append data in these 12 records into 1 record. How is it possible?


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How to submit multiple jobs. These jobs are members in PDS. The second job should run if the first job runs successfully and so on.

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what is the sortcard for comparing two files with a field key and get the duplicates in onefile and noduplicates in another file


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Hello Guys, I have 1+ Year Experience in MAINFRAME TESTING. After 1 Week I have an Interview With a Company on Mainframe Testing. Please Could You Guys Please Suggest me What Sections Should I prepare ?? ___Tell Me the Topic Or Appropriate Site & Links. ?? ---------------Thank You



In your JCL, run the even numbered steps if date is even and run odd numbered steps if date is odd . Where do you generate the date ??in cobol or JCL ??


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How to find the length of variable length copybook using fileaid ??


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Suppose i have a file with 10 recs and i want to skip only the 7 th record and copy the rest into another file. How do i do it using SORT?

VS, Wipro,

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Current version of GDG is ID.GDG.FILE.G0001V00. JCL has procedure with 2 steps like below,  What will be the output file name in each step ?  PROC starts      Step 1 has ID.GDG.FILE(+1)      Step2 has  ID.GDG.FILE(+4) PEND Similarly, JCL has 2 steps in 2 separate procedure. What will be the output file names here ?  PROC starts      Step 1 has ID.GDG.FILE(+1) PEND PROC1 starts      Step2 has  ID.GDG.FILE(+4) PEND


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A STEP has more than 1 file as INPUT. And we have to put all these records int 1 output file. How to do ? //InputF  DD DSN=ID.File1              DSN=ID.File2              DSN=ID.File3


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Why we us SYSTSIN DD with IKJEFT01 (TSO Utility) to execute a COBOL DB2 program? Why can't we use SYSIN DD?  


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can i sort packed decimal if i can tell the syntax


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In all our JOB Statement we have always COND=(4,LT) defined. Nevertheless when a Job failed the last step should then be executed (send a message to an user). Due to we don't like to change all our JOB's (ca. 2000), we are looking for a simply solution.

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which are the parameters mandatory in job card ?


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Un-Answered Questions { JCL }

Explain the purpose of dd dummy statement?


What is the use of symbol // in jcl?


What methodology can be adapted to transfer data to a program that is coded using the exec statement?


Explain about LMQUERY�give a dialog information about a data set


What does a disposition of (new,catlg,keep) for a dsn mean?


what is the compile process of cobol program expalin with code


What are steplib and joblib?


What is the syntax of JCL statement?


What is the use of disp parameter?


How do you submit a job for execution?


what is SOC4 error?


Suppose I have five jobs to do. But I want to hold one?


List the different components of jcl statement?


What are the difference between jcl and jes?


when can a job time-out occur? How to overcome that?