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JCL Interview Questions
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how to split a file


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how can we override data definitions in jcl. can any one give detailed example


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how to skip the steps in JCl


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there are 10 steps in jcl how to execute the steps from step2 to step8 only


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what is the cond=even only


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how to concatenate datasets


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what is instream data


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can we give instream data in procedure


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in jcl you are having JCLLIB and STEPLIB what happens

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I have a JCL with 10 steps, want to execute first 5 steps only, what are ways of doing it?is it possible to control through JOB card?


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I have a JCL with 10 steps, want to execute first 5 steps only, what are ways of doing it?is it possible to control through JOB card?


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In a JCL if previous steps return code is greater than 0 or 4 then the next step will not execute. But the job will be successfull with the maximum return code. How can we reset this maximum return code to '0' regardless of return codes of any steps?

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I found in one of the jcl, gdg version being mentioned as : abc.def.ghi(-0) Can anyone tell me how referring the version as (-0) is different from referring it as (0)

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I have two input SORTIN files and We need to create one SORTOUT file which contains data of both input files. What is the SortCard for this?. Suppose the length of the both files are different, then How we do it? Please reply ASAP


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how to identify the file used in the JCL is an VSAM file. Just seeing the JCL code how can we track the file as VSAM file?


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How to pass data to a program that is coded in an exec statement?


How can a job send a status message to a tso user at the completion of a job?


What methodology can be adapted to transfer data to a program that is coded using the exec statement?


Suppose I have a program in cobol name ”careerride” and want to execute the program by jcl. Specify the process?


which utility is used to update pds?


What is 'mounting' of volumes ? Is there anything that a programmer can do in it ? How to find currently mounted volume ?


How dummy is used in jcl?


write a jcl to execute a job by 7:00 am on jan 20,1986?


What are some jcl statements that are not allowed in procedures?


Name a few IBM utility programs, and explain its function.


How can the attributes of one sms dataset be copied to another dataset?


have in 100 records in a file i want to read first 3 records and skip next 3 records and agan i want to read 3 records and again i want to skip 3 records... run a loop from record one to 10 evaluate i/3 if comes even then skip else write to output file


Which dd parameters are required?


What is job control language?


Explain how can a jobs execution priority be modified?