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SAS Interview Questions
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To what type of programms have you used scratch macros?



Hi Friends, My name is Priya,am new to this Forum. am looking for SAS Platform Administration Interview Questions.I searched every where but I couldn't find any where.please can anyone help me with the FAQ's. It would be a great favor to me if you can email the Interview Questions to


Hi Friends, Am Priya,new to your forum. am looking for Interview questions on SAS Platform Administration. I searched everywhere but I couldn't find them,please can anyone help me with complete interview questions normally everyone will face in the interviews on SAS Administration. am really facing problems in the interviews,am not able to answer any of their questions. I would really appreciate all your help if you can email the complete Interview Questions to Kindly awaiting for your reply with eager


Does anybody has SAS Platform Administration certification dumps. pls send to


Difference b/n proc means and proc summary procedures?


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firstobs and obs are working only option wise,but we are using infile statement with firstobs and obs in a statement wise? so firstobs,obs working at options and statemnts or not?

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what is scheduling and how will u implement it. In scheduling 5 jobs r running if there is an error occured at 3rd job and how will u check and waht necessary steps will u take not to repeat the same mistake

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if a program has some 1000 or more line and how to know whether the syntax of the particular code is correct without checking it manually


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What is a post baseline?

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Can you suggest us materials for sdtm mapping?



what is a post baseline?


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How to merge the data using merge statement and proc format? Is the result is same ?

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Are the preferred term counts are always equal to Body system counts? If so, Why are they equal if not why they are not equal?


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if reading an external file to produce an external file, what is the shortcut to write that record without coding every single variable on the record


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Hi, Does anybody has lastest SAS certification(base, adv., clinical)dumps,if anybody has please email me at Thanks

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Un-Answered Questions { SAS }

How would you code a macro statement to produce information on the sas log? This statement can be coded anywhere? : sas-macro


Give e an example of..


how do the in= variables improve the capability of a merge? : Sas programming


what are the best practices to process the large data sets in sas programming? : Sas-administrator


Hi,by usining ptf how we have to combine (likr merge)10 datasets at a time in the oracle database(and write a macro code also)?Like this i have a douts a lot if you dont mind may please send one text mail for me(


do you need to know if there are any missing values? : Sas programming


how could you generate test data with no input data? : Sas programming


What is the purpose of trailing @ and @@? How do you use them?


What is a macro routine?


do you prefer proc report or proc tabulate? Why? : Sas programming


Explain what Proc glm does?


what is intially documentation in sas?


what is sas data set?


What is Linear Regression?


What is proc sort?