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Data Stage Interview Questions
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What is the Main difference between Lookup Failure and Lookup Not Met? Plz explain with Example.

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How to move data set from one server to other?what are the steps to follow to do this?

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Unix command to view the data in a dataset


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Input file one has data as shown below 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Input file two has data like 6 7 8 9 10 11 Design a data stage job which will provide me three output files as shown below: Output 1 6 7 8 Output 2 1 2 3 4 5 Output 3 9 10 11 Let me know your answers

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DataStage Scenario based Interview Questions

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How to write a expression to display the first letter in Caps in each word using transformer stage ? Please let me know ASAP Thanks in advance...

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What is use Array size in datastage


Hi, Please tell me how to solve this scenario in datastage ? Here we have 3 columns in a table TEST CODE,ENTRY DATE and BATCH The table looks like CODE ENTRYDATE BATCH 100 100716 1 100 100716 1 100 100716 1 200 122517 2 200 122517 2 302 555555 8 302 555555 8 302 555555 8 We need to create a seqno on grouping these 3 columns. The result should be like this. CODE ENTRYDATE BATCH SEQNO 100 100716 1 1 100 100716 1 2 100 100716 1 3 200 122517 2 1 200 122517 2 2 302 555555 8 1 302 555555 8 2 302 555555 8 3

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If the job aborted in a sequencer, how can we start that from the previews successful job.

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what is repositery?



In work load management there are three options of Low priority, Medium priority and High Priority Jobs which can be used for resource management. why this feature is developed when there is already jobs prescheduled by scheduler or autosys. what will be the use of workload management then?


DB2 connector> transformer > sequential file Data will be exported into a csv format in a sequential file. This file will be send in a email using a sequence job. Problem here is, how to avoid sending a blank csv file? When I ran the job there are chances that it might return zero records but in the sequence job csv file is going blank. how can I avoid this? thanks


there are indexes on a table as index1 with col1, col2 index2 with col2 index3 with col1,col2,col3. if i run a query with col1='100' which index will be used and why


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how to run a sequential file stage in parallel if the stage is used on the TARGET side



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What is the use of datastage designer?


What are the main features of datastage?


How to reverse the string using SQL?


How to create a file using vi editor? 2)how to delete a file in vi editor? 3)How to connect the server datastage to unix? what r the command lines we r using? 4)30 jobs r runnig in unix i want to find out my job. how to do this? give me command?


What are some prerequisites for datastage?


How will you move hashed file from one location to another location?


Explain datastage architecture?


How you Implemented SCD Type 1 & Type 2 in your project?


How many Key we can define in remove duplicate stage?


Name the different sorting methods in datastage.


What is the difference between Datastage 7.5 and 7.0?


What is the purpose of pivot stage and types of containers in datastage


If you want to use a same piece of code in different jobs, how will you achieve this?


1)what is the size of Fact table and dimension table? 2)how to find the size of Fact table and dimension table? 3)how to implement the surrogate key in transform stage? 4)write the configuration file path? 5)how many types of datasets explain? 6)diff b/w developed projects and migration projects? 7)how to delete the header and footer file of the sequencer file? 8)how can u call the parameters in DS in unix environment? 9) how much data ur getting daily ? 10)