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SLK Software Interview Questions
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What are the activities involved by the Test engineer (having 2+ yrs of exp).

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how to write script in qtp(vbscript)..i mean with out application deployed..and how to call script1 into script2?

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What are your salary expectations? if thz question was asked to fresher what ans should be given?

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i have input like this Column 1 ,column 2 3,a 4,b 5.c i want output  aaa bbbb ccccc Ple help any one?

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What is the surrogate key? what is the use of surrogate key? how to Create surrogate key Generator in scd2 in 8.5?

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What is AngularJS?

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Why to use AngularJS?


Why this project is called "AngularJS"?

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What are the advantages of AngularJS?

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How AngularJS is different from other JavaScript Framework?

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What IDEs you can use for AngularJS development?

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Does AngularJS has dependency on jQuery?

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How to use jQuery with AngularJS?

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Compare the features of AngularJS and jQuery?


How to access jQLite or jQuery with AngularJS?

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SLK Software Interview Questions