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Informatica Interview Questions
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difference between informatica 8.6 and 9

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I have some rows in source.I have to map half rows to one target and half rows to another target.i.e you wont know how many records in source.?Implement a mapping?

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My questions is i create a two sessions for one mapping.but my requirement is if all number of source records are same as in target then execute first session or some rows are rejected due to t/r logic so session two was execute please clarify


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Converting Rows to columns I have Relational source like his. JAN FEB MAR APR 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 100 200 300 I need to convert these rows into columns to the targe. MONTH TOTAL JAN 1500 FEB 900 MAR 1200 APR 1500 Please experts help me


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what is mean by flag 4 in update strategy t/r

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I want skip first 5 rows to load in to target? what will be the logic at session level ??


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i have oracle table A and target B. i don't know how many records. i want get get last record in table A as first record in target table B. write a sql query?


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if the session continuous run what can we do. means shall we stop the session or abort session. what is the correct reasion. why this situation occurs

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how to load first record of first time run,second record to 2nd time n 3rd record from 3rd time to target table

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How union transformation is active ?


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If sal is null then replace it with min(sal). Can any one write a query for this in oracle ? Advance Thanks


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Can any one give me an example for factless fact table ? If your answer is studunt attendence registration,could you plese give me explanation for this ?

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select * from emp where sal>(select min(sal) from emp) how to implement the same in informatica ?


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What are the validations that you can perform in oracle and in informatica ? Advance Thanks



Why can't we connect source qualifier and aggrigator transformation to an expression ? Why they resticted to conncet 2 active trasformations to an passive transformation ?



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how tokens will generate?


Explian the Process of deployment groups in informatica


Using Connected or unconnected lookup for performance wise which one is preferable?.


State the limitations where we cannot use joiner in the mapping pipeline?


How do you promote a non-reusable transformation to reusable transformation?


list out all the transformations which use cache?


Target increases every day even though no new record was inserted


what is diff b/t sorter t/r and agg have the option sorter property...


What are the different types of transformation available in informatica.


What is the difference between SOURCE and TARGET BASED COMMITS? What are the deliverables?in your project?


In warehouses how many schemas are there?


How can repository reports be accessed without sql or other transformations?


Explain the tuning lookup transformation - informatica


Can anyone tell me the new features in Informatica 9 Version?


What is a shortcut and copy in Informatica and how two are different with each other?