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Informatica Interview Questions
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i have 2 mapings for this 2 mapings i want use only one lookupt/r how?


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when will we use unconnected & connected lookup? How it will effect on the performance of mapping?


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what is data modelling? what are types of modelling?In which suituation will use each one?


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(Integ) Start workflow: ERROR: User [practice] does not have sufficient privilege for this operation. how to solve this pls suggest me? THANKS in advance

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i have source like X1 10 X2 20 X1 30 X2 40 i want target as X1 X2 10 20 30 40 in informatica


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hi, as al you know, we can set the option in session level as all rows treat as like insert,update etc., And also we have update strategy for flaging records as insert,update etc.. then when we will go for above options and what is the difference.. explain..


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Hi all, Can you please send me the Dimensions and fact tables which are used in mutual fund project. and please send me the brief summary about the project. Please do the needful.


Is it necessary to maintain the primary-foreign key relation ship between the targets in informatica while loading using constarint based loading or it is required only at database level ??


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i want to load data in to two is dimension table and the other is fact table?how can i load ata a time


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how to convert 101 raja 101 raja sekar reddy 101 sekar----------> 101 reddy

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can any one explain about dataflow in the informatica project for bank domain....thanks is advance



what is service oriented architecture in Informatica 8 version

Cap Gemini, IBM, Systech, TCS,

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what is incremental data aggregation?


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8.what is mapplet ?give example?

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we have 6 records in source , i need 2nd record in one target and 5th record in one target or 2nd & 5th record in same target.

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What are the different types of olap? Give an example?


What is the difference between STOP and ABORT options in Workflow Monitor?


What is the function of look up transformation?


lookup transformation with screenshots


I have worked on Informatica 7.1.1. I want to know the answer for the below question. Target is not created initially.Then how to take the DDL script from the source and run the Mapping by creating the Target dynamically?Is it possible by SQL Transformation?


What is data caches/ index caches?


How to elaborate tracing level?


What is the difference between router and filter?


Explain what is informatica metadata and where is it stored?


Explain the difference between mapping parameter and mapping variable?


What are the various test procedures used to check whether the data is loaded in the backend, performance of the mapping, and quality of the data loaded in informatica?


source : xml file target: xml file how can we check data loaded into target xml file using writing sql query. pls help on this asap.


Repository user profiles


What is resilience time?


What is the difference between writing a joiner query in ANSI style and THETA style?