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Informatica Interview Questions
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Two workflows are running at same time first workflow is succeeded but second workflow is failed but there is no dependencies?


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I am using Informatica 7.1.1. and i used emails task for getting emails but not able to get emails is there any settings in Informatica installation level?

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How to use Normalizer transformation?

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what are the limitations for bulk loading in informatica for all kind of databases and transformations?

Accenture, CSC,

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when we dont use aggregator in mapping ?


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what is workflow varible


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How do you Merge multiple Flat files for example 100 flat files with out using Union T/F


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If we set dd_insert in mapping and Delete in session properties what will happen.?


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Is it possible to update the target table with PK?


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If u select groupby port in aggregator what is output and dont select groupby option what is output

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In aggregator if u enable sorted input what will be the output and disable sorted wt is output

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If source is having 5000 rows,and if you want to load data into 500 rows to target,if the session runs successfully,how can you verify the target if the rows are successfully loaded or not.


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What is target update override


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One source and 3 targets 1st row-1st target 2nd row-2nd target 3rd row-3rd target 4th row-1ist target how will u do?


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sorce is a flatfile only 1st and last row should insert to target how will u do?


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How union transformation is used?


Differences between connected and unconnected lookup?


The question was on time stamp. what is the difference between HH and HH24 when to use when.


What are the different components of powercenter?


I have done MBA in 2008. i got job as business analyst in 2008 january through consultany. but after 3 months they are giving training Informatica developer. now iam continuing this job. my question is when iam going to interview HR people ask me many times like this " YOU ARE MBA GRADUATE. HOW YOU ARE SELECT THIS POSTION. IAM EXPLAINING WHAT I HAVE MENTION ABOVE". PLEASE TELL HOW IAM TELLING THIS QUESTION ANSWER.


How can we use mapping variables in informatica? Where do we use them?


What is difference between a gateway node and worker node?


How to implement security measures using repository manager?


Can we change Dynamic to Static or Persistent cache? If so what happens?


design of staging area?


How to load the name of the current processing flat file along with the data into the target using informatica mapping?


What are the databases that informatica can connect to windows?


How we can confirm all mappings in the repository simultaneously?


I have a mapping loading 100 records and it failed on 20th record. how to recover it without changing anything.(in prod where we don't have any access).. (the session should should start from 21 record)


What is the use of an aggregator cache file?