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Informatica Interview Questions
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If one flat file contains n number records., we have to load in target from 51 to 100.. how to use expressions in Informatica..?

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If one flat file contains n number of records., we have to load the records in target from 51 to 100.. how to use expressions in Informatica..?

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whatis the default data driven operation in informatica

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How to generate a single mapping for both the historical and incremental load.


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How to eliminate 1st and last rows from the source and load the inbetween rows.


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How to calculate the cache size if say we are doing a performance check on a mapping and found that a particular cache needs to be changed. Is there a formula to calculate this! i know that informatica has a auto option available but how to calculate manually?

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What are the uses of a Parameter file?


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By using joiner t/r we can join only 2 tables, SO if want join more than 2 flat files ,How can i join?

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On lookup on any table we can get only a)any value or b)last value but if i need both duplicate values How can i achieve?

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List the transformation in informatica.


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where does the default group roew in a router is stored what is the default size of memory in router

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If we use only lookup transformation in a mapping ie, SourceQualifier-->Lookup --> Target. , here datas are taking very long time to load in target., so what are steps to improve the performance in that mapping???????

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Suppose we are using a Dynamic Lookup in a Mapping and the commit Interval set for the tgt is 10000. Then how does the data get committed in the lookup if there were only 100 roows read from the src and the dynamic lookup dint have the 100th row in it?

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can u apply SCD2 on flat file tgt? if yes wat is the procedure?


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What is the difference between IN and Exists in Oracle?


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Explain what are the different types of transformation available in informatica.


Workflow is long running due to long running sql query so when we refer the query plan it tells the issue is due to partition of the db table. How to handle this?


5. Consider the following products data which contain duplicate rows. A B C C B D B Q1. Design a mapping to load all unique products in one table and the duplicate rows in another table. The first table should contain the following output A D The second target should contain the following output B B B C C


What is parallel processing in informatica?


Explain what are the different versions of informatica?


Explain the informatica workflow?


without table how to come first record only in oracle?


How can we use mapping variables in informatica?


What is data movement mode in Informatica and difference between them?


how can we find the bottle neck in SQL Query in SOURCE QUALIFIER, and how can we tune it..?


How can we use mapping variables in informatica? Where do we use them?


How we can use union transformation?


in reporting we add some new objects,how we get the count of the newly added objects to the report


How to extract sap data using informatica?


Explain pushdown optimization $pushdownconfig parameter - informatica