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Informatica Interview Questions
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how can we perform incremental aggregation?explain with example?


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How can i catch the Duplicate Rows From SorterTrans in a Seperate Target Table ?

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Can you please mail me a copy of Informatica Certification Exam dumps to

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Please explain in detail with example about 1.Confirmed Dimension. 2.Junk Dimension. 3.Degenerated Dimension. 4.Slowly changing Dimensions


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Please explain in detail with example about 1.Confirmed Dimension. 2.Junk Dimension. 3.Degenerated Dimension. 4.Slowly changing Dimensions

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Why we need XMLs?


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What is ThroughPut in Informatica, How it works, Where I can find this option to check ?


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Dependecy Errors in Informatica ? Do u got any dependency problems while running session? Can any one Explain Clearly.


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LOOKUP Condition is nothing but a Join condition? What type of join condition it,by default ? Using the LookUP Condition How many types of relational conditions we can make ?

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How many mapplets u have created? and what is the logic used

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why do we go for update strategy tr in SCD rather using the session properties?


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How to transform normalized data to denormalized form in informatica? Is there any logic or any transformations to achieve this?

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How/where can i install Informatica software with oracle or teradata as database


Informatica software installation 8.1/7.1.3/7.1 with oracle 10g database (optional Teradata v2R6)

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There are n numbers of flatfile of exactly same format are placed in a folder .Can we load these flatfile's data one by one to a single relational table by a single session??


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What is an expression transformation?


How to implement security measures using repository manager?


what is the size of your data warehousing?


What happens to map if we alter the datatypes between source and its corresponding source qualifier?


What are the static cache and dynamic cache in informatica?


What is mapplet in informatica?


What is the format of informatica objects in a repository? What are the databases that informatica can connect to windows?


Hello, Can you please send the admin and advanced mapping design sample questions to


Which transformation should we use to normalise the COBOL and relational sources?


how will u take the data from clint server and next what u do in datamodeling what u will u do in staging area what u will u do next what u are doing please give the step by step by process


Differentiate between reusable transformation and mapplet.


How can we handle two sessions in informatica?


Can we use the mapping parameter or variables developed in one mapping into any other reusable transformation?


What is parallel processing in informatica?


What is the main purpose of Unconnected lookup other than updating slowly changing dimensions? or In which case u use Unconnected lookup?