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Informatica Interview Questions
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why dimenstion tables are denormalized in nature ?

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What is the use of incremental aggregation?

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What is the procedure to load the fact table.Give in detail?

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what is a junk dimension ?

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What is the difference between Normal load and Bulk load?

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Discuss the advantages & Disadvantages of star & snowflake schema?

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what is a time dimension? give an example?


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What are the reusable transforamtions?

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What is aggregate cache in aggregator transforamtion?

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What are the basic needs to join two sources in a source qualifier?

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In which circumstances that informatica server creates Reject files?

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Can you copy the session to a different folder or repository?

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When the informatica server marks that a batch is failed?

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What is a command that used to run a batch?

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In a sequential batch can you run the session if previous session fails?

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What are some examples of informatica etl programs?


What is a connected transformation?


design of staging area?


how can we find the bottle neck in SQL Query in SOURCE QUALIFIER, and how can we tune it..?


How to call shell scripts from informatica?


Explain load alternative records / rows into multiple targets - informatica


What are the conditions needed to improve the performance of informatica aggregator transformation?


Target increases every day even though no new record was inserted


Suppose we have a source qualifier transformation that populates two target tables. How do you ensure tgt2 is loaded after tgt1?


Explain the informatica workflow?


Parameter and variable differences


How does the aggregator transformation handle null values?


hi real timers . iam waiting for ur reply regarding ETL TESTING


What is powercenter on grid?


Explain the different kinds of facts.