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Informatica Interview Questions
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How can you recognise whether or not the newly added rows in the source r gets insert in the target ?

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What are two types of processes that informatica runs the session?

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What are the new features of the server manager in the informatica 5.0?

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What is metadata reporter?


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Define maping and sessions?

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Which tool yoU use to create and manage sessions and batches and to monitor and stop the informaticaserver?

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Why we use partitioning the session in informatica?

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To achieve the session partition what r the necessary tasks u have to do?

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How the informatica server increases the session performance through partitioning the source?

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Why you use repository connectivity?

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What are the tasks that Loadmanger process will do?

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What is DTM process?

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What are the different threads in DTM process?

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What are the data movement modes in informatcia?

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What aer the out put files that the informatica server creates during the session running?

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What is the different lookup cache(s)?


Tell me can we override a native sql query within informatica? Where do we do it? How do we do it?


Explain in detail about scd type 1 through mapping.


Explain sessions. Explain how batches are used to combine executions?


How can you define user defied event?


How do you migrate data from one environment to another?


What are the mapping parameters and mapping variables?


How to generate or load values in to the target table based on a column value using informatica etl tool.


How would you copy the content of one repository to another repository?


Tell me any other tools for scheduling purpose other than workflow manager pmcmd?


How to convert a row into column and a column into rows? Name all DTM threads. What all threads stop when we issue STOP or ABORT? How to pass the value of a data(variable kind of) from one session ( generated in mapping) to another session in the same workflow... What are the tyoes of partitioning you know and how to apply them in real time ... Can partitioning be applied to expression transformation and how


Please tell me which institute is the best to study Informatica and in chennai Also please send me the latest interview questions in,c# and sql server to my id


What is informatica powercenter repository?


can any one explain about dataflow in the informatica project for bank domain....thanks is advance


How do you load first and last records into target table? How many ways are there to do it? Explain through mapping flows.