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Cognos Interview Questions
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i have taken quantity on ANx-axis & months on y-axis(months r not in oreder )when i run the reoprt i need months in proper order .how can i do this ?


describe the starschema grouping ?how can i add a new column for existing report ,when it is not present even in model & dataabase?


my report ended at the half of the last page but i don't want that matter in the last page I would like to adjust the matter in the previous page .how can i do this?


wt is the differnce between Block & conditional block ?

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wt is scope relationship?

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How can we create regular dimensions & measure dimensions?

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Wt is the Diff between Business Key & member caption?

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It is possible to test 2 query subjects at a time in CRN1.1 & C8 FWM?


How can we import Excel data in to FWM?Wt is mean by Ragged dimensions?where can we observe the Regular dimensions & measure dimensions?


I have four region(Us, Uk, Canada, Europe) in my value prompt. Along with this I want new prompt called All. Once I click on All it should display all regions data. How can I achieve this ?

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advantages of cascade prompt ???


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These are the questions asking in many interviews, so pls help me,,, How did you get requirements from the client? How did you send reports to the client? How did you interact with your client? I mean through e- mail or phone or in any other way?


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what are versions of cognos from starting release to latest in the market?


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what are the joins present in reportnet?which is most widely used?

IBM, Satyam,

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what are the types of scheduling and what are the errors faced while scheduling then how to solve those errors?

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what are the migration tools available in the market with respect to cognos such as impromptu reports are migrated to cognos reportnet?


What is called Cognos powerplay?


What do you understand by the cognos?


2. What functional area you worked on.


What are the considerations regarding performance kept in mind while setting up cognos?


New coloums are added in database, then how you know in report level


What are the two types of framework manager?


what are the names of the reports that you prepared?


how to create measures and dimensions?


What are the methods by which it non-durable model could be changed into the durable model?


In my report i want display sales rep name, country ,city how to achieve this by using repeater table


Can you explain dynamic query mode?


What is Metrics designer?


What are the batches and it’s details?


what is the difference between filter and condition?