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CGI Perl Interview Questions
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What is the difference between for & foreach, exec & system?

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Name an instance where you used a CPAN module?


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How do you open a file for writing?

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How would you replace a char in string and how do you store the number of replacements?

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When would you not use Perl for a project?


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What is a hash?

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What is the difference between chop & chomp functions in perl?

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Write a script for 'count the no.of digits using regular expressions in perl..


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i have a folder called 'error' and in that, i have error log files which are generated by the build, now i want to findout the string 'error' from each log file and that error has to be copied into the another file called 'analysis'. how do you do this in perl?


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Can any1 tell me 2 write the script using perl script 2 looking at a log file 2 see wheather the test has passed or not.


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What is the difference between module and package?

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How can you create an object of a class in a package?


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what is the procedure to define a user define module in your perl application?


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How would you trap error occurred in the perl program/file?


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what r the different type of function in perl ???

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Why -w argument is used with perl programs?


Define operators used in perl?


What does init 5 and init 0 do?


Can you add two arrays together?


How to concatenate strings with perl?


What does file test operators do in perl?


When does circular reference occur?


How to access parameters passed to a subroutine in perl?


What are the benefits of perl in using it as a web-based application?


How does polymorphism work in perl?


Explain ivalue in perl?


Explain lists and ivalue?


Define print() function in perl?


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