ASP Interview Questions
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What is Extranet?


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can we place Global.asa into "bin" directory instead of Root directory?


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Tell something about Active Server Pages?


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What is the code for closing the form(using controls) instead of directly closing it?

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• How do you relate an aspx page with its code behind page?

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where should i get free version of Test Director to download


what is mean of ASP?

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6) Events in page life cycle?

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hi this is madhu i have one doubt,regarding siebel Q: is this is mandatory when we r doing join between a bc & table , the table should extension table Reqired or not, can we do the join with base table also,

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. which tag i need to use manually to bind columns in a datagrid ?


How will u make automatic login program in asp as u see in yahoo messanger? When any body login to their system they no need to fill userid and password. It automatically fills the userid and password.


How to refersh an asp page on a single click of a button.


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How to use XML file as a database in the ASP

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How to run FileSystemObject in ASP


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How can I break Search


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Write a program in ASP that connect with "Employee" Database and Select all records from "Emp" table and shown in tabular form.


What is Debit Memo & Credit Memo in Payables?


what is the difference between sql server2000 and 2005


Suppose someone gives a VB dll file (component). How to use that in an ASP file?


what is SDLC in Software?pl.give proper explaination


I am not doing well in my oracle class and desparetly need some help. My main problem is the join chapter. I am very frustrated right now because I got my first zero in my in school lastweek. I excell in every other subject except oracle. I really would like to learn the program, but it looks dim for me right now and it is too late to drop the class without getting 'F'. Can someone pleae help me. with this one because I only have a few days before my assignment is due. If you leave your email I will get intouch with you immediately. Thanks


i am creating an e-learning site, i want my customers to pay directly through paypall to my paypall account directly from my page ? is it possible ? is there any ready paypall script ?


Actually i downloaded Ajax news flash module but i am having issues enabling it on my site. need help.


what is the difference between #include directory in C,C++ and import java.packages in java


what is the default .net provider


what is diff c#and what is .net framework 3.5 what is webservice with expmles


What is the Difference B/W Onclick() and Oncommand() in ASP.Net? If Possible Explain with Realtime Example?


textbox has viewstate property,but it does not depend on its property to retain their data across page,Explain.


how can we delete cookies by coding part . so pls help me


how to do process steps fi -mm integration can u define anybody pls