ASP Interview Questions
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What is a Virtual Directory?

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What is the difference between client-side script and server-side script?

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What is the order of execution for an ASP application?

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What is Querystring collection?

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What is a Form collection?

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What is the difference between Querystring collection and Form collection?

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What is Cookies collection?

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What is the difference between Cookies collection and Form/Querystring collection?

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What is ServerVariables collection?

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What is ClientCertificate collection?

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What are the event handlers of Session Object?

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What are the advantages of Cookies over Session Object?

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How will you delete a Cookie?

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What is Server Object?


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What is a TextStream object?

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what is execute dataset for sp


when we use ajax


write a program for sorting of all students records in a class according to roll no. using ADO and corresponding database.


who is the best Trainer for ASP.NET MVC in Hyderabad?


which is the bet long term & basic to advanced available course for in hydrabad plz reply me t my email address also thanking you


which property will make a control span an entire site office parent class


how u can use for making website?


How to make page break in Crystal Report..?


What is wsdl file? (explain in detail)


Hii My Question is How the Down Payment will clear in APP? Can any one help me


how can we bind the multiplication of two drop down lists?


what is diff c#and what is .net framework 3.5 what is webservice with expmles


___________ and ____________ properity to be used to create localized version of a form


what is the difference between sql server2000 and 2005


explain joints in .net.