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Silk Test Interview Questions
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How can you read the contents of PDF using silktest?

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How can you get the moving contents of flash image using silktest.

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How can i used If Else statement in Silk Test. And my table name is login how can i get rowcount in the table having

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Is there any way to retrieve content of the image i.e If image contains text... how to retrieve in silk test In QTP there is GetVisibleText is there any function similar to this in silktest...

AppLabs, HCL,

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I'm involved in automation using silk test of an swing application running in a browser. There is a window whose name is a dynamic. i.e based on the input(eg: some filename) the window name keeps on changing. I need to capture the window name for every run of silk test case for different input filenames. I'm aware of GetName() in SilkTest, but its not working for me. Can anybody suggest me any logic to achieve this using silktest?

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How to do text verification point in silktest for a specific content.Suppose in the text editor, i have typed some "aaaa,bbbb,cccc,dddd" in different lines. now i want to capture only aaaa of first line from the text editor. How can i do it.Can any one help me.

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How to write the good frame work for application.

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Is there any way of passing values at runtime? Like scanf does in C.


Can we customise the result file?

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how to pass TDS intery in tally?


who is the head of the BMC


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Hi All, An newbiee to silk test tool. I wanted to write a function which checks the browser type installed in the local machine & then based on the browser type test case should run. I tried little bit writing the function : Void Func_ValidateBrowserType() Window myWin myWin = Browser.GetRealBrowser () print (myWin) Any help please.. Thanks, V


what is silk testing?

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can any one please tell me the full form of .g.t in silktest datadriven method



What is silktest host?


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How record a test case into a testplan automatically?


What are testplan attributes?


How to run a test case from a test script file?


What is the vo browser extension?


What are the important aspects of a test case?


How load testing can be done with silk international?


In SilkTest we have a function Except Log which displays the path of the error occured in a Script.In QTP do we have any function like that?


What is defaultbasestate?


What is the standard flow of execution of a test case?


How to assign attribute values to test cases?


How dom browser extension identify a web application ui object?


Can silktest switch browsers automatically?


How to download latest silk test trial version?


can any one please tell me the full form of .g.t in silktest datadriven method


What are the types of text lines in a testplan file?