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Silk Test Interview Questions
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What are the reasons behind silk test hanging? Is any particular problem or it is just because of system problem.?

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What is the wait statement in Silktest?


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what is the use of exception handling in Silk Test and how to use the commands?

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In SilkTest we have a function Except Log which displays the path of the error occured in a Script.In QTP do we have any function like that?



In how many ways we can perform datadriven test in silk test, throgh flatfiles can we perform?

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What is Silktest?

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How can we Read the data from data grid in Silk Test?


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what is the statment/command for invoke the browser from script

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what is the operator for carriage return(Enter) in Silk Test for File.

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I have Silk Test 7.5 installed to my machine. My silk recoginizes all the windows applications.But its not recoginizing the web application.When i try to ENABLE EXTENSION for any web application i am not getting the window with the two radio button namely DOM and VO. What could be the problem? I also tried using browsers like IE,FF and also uninstalled the silk n reinstalled it again.But it works out with my neighbours system....Wht could be the problem?????

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Define Silk Testing.

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Any tools to test the performance of SQL Quarries and SP? If any one are using them please provide the site names or software names...


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Whats the difference between Basestate & Default basestate?


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What is the perpose of user-defined base state method?


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what type of frameworks are you using in silk test?

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How to define an object verification in a test case?


How to open an existing silktest project?


What is stored in a test frame?


Want to lear from basic about silktest and how to write scripts. Please let me know if you know any website


How to record a test case?


How to run a test case from a testplan file?


How to create and edit a testplan?


What is the dom browser extension?


What is 4test?


What is the vo browser extension?


What is the standard flow of execution of a test case?


How to define new testplan attributes?


How to download latest silk test trial version?


What is defaultbasestate?


can we test the application by inserting checkpoints using silktest as we do in qtp and winrunner and also what are the automation frameworks in silktest