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hi sql gurus, here is my question 4 u. i wanna use triggers for sending reminder mail to all users who are registered to the site. if any one knws the code plz send me ans here : chayabs3@gmail.com thnx advance

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..........refers to the disk mirroring


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there are .......different types of serializability


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What are the new features in Oracle 10g. Compared to Oracle 9i?


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How would you go about increasing the buffer cache hit ratio? 0. Explain the difference between a hot backup and a cold backup and the benefits associated with each 1. You have just had to restore from backup and do not have any control files. How would you go about bringing up this database? 2. How do you switch from an init.ora file to a spfile? 3. Explain the difference between a data block, an extent and a segment. 4. Give two examples of how you might determine the structure of the table DEPT. 5. Where would you look for errors from the database engine? 6. Compare and contrast TRUNCATE and DELETE for a table. 7. Give the reasoning behind using an index. 8. Give the two types of tables involved in producing a star schema and the type of data they hold. 9. What type of index should you use on a fact table? 10. Give two examples of referential integrity constraints. 11. A table is classified as a parent table and you want to drop and re-create it. How would you do this without affecting the children tables? 12. Explain the difference between ARCHIVELOG mode and NOARCHIVELOG mode and the benefits and disadvantages to each. 13. What command would you use to create a backup control file? 14. Give the stages of instance startup to a usable state where normal users may access it. 15. What column differentiates the V$ views to the GV$ views and how? 16. How would you go about generating an EXPLAIN plan?

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What does “select count(*) from tab” result?

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What does “select count(1) from tab” result?


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suppose we have a table in which 200 rows. i want to find 101 row ? what the query.... and how we find 4th and 5th highest salary and 1 to 10 highest salary

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I have 2 Databases. How can create a table in particular database? How can i know the list of tables presented each database?( in oracle 10g)


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What is the default value of CHAR type?


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how many tupples can insert in 1 second in sql

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Describe the Index, Types of index, At what situation we have used? Which one s better than others?


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why sql is used as interpreter frequently rather than a compile?

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I have a Employee table with columns ename,eid,salary,deptno. How to retrieve sum of salary for each deptno?


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I have done oracle 10g. I need a project knowledge. So if u please send a project how it should be done,Or you can send email link. I will be very grateful to u.

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i have a column which may contain this kind of value: 123*67_80,12*8889_5,34*8_874 ,12*7_7 (can contain space before a comma, and this string length can be anything) now i want to split this value into two column like: column1: 123*67,12*8889,34*8,12*7 column2: 80,5,874,7 use function for this


Which column of the user triggers data dictionary view displays the database event that will fire the trigger?


Does user triggers have entry for trigger with compilation errors?


Can procedure in package be overloaded?


How is a PL/SQL code compiled?


What are local and global Indexes and where they are useful.


How consistent is the view of the data between and within multiple sessions, transactions or statements ?


Can 2 queries be executed simultaneously in a distributed database system?


i have some prob lem to tell me about my self in interview first round ...


Write a query to genarate target column.Please answer me. Advance Thanks. Src Tgt Q10 Quarter to 2010 Q90 Quarter to 1990 Q80 Quarter to 1980 Q74 Quarter to 1974


Can cursors be part of a trigger body?


hi,i plan to put experience on PLSQL ,can anyone suggest me for any institutes in bangalore or how to prepare for interviews


Which data dictionary views have the information on the triggers that are available in the database?


What are character functions?


table structure: ---------------- col1 col2 ----- ----- 01-mar-2012 11:12:46 01-mar-2012 11:12:10 01-mar-2012 11:12:46 01-mar-2012 11:11:23 Write a query to display the result as shown below: col1 col2 ----- ----- 01-mar-2012 11:12:46 01-mar-2012 11:12:10