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PHP Interview Questions
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What is deffience betwwen get() , Post , Request()

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i want to store retrieved data from database into an array list with limit.And display the data from that array list.have any answer for this?

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How I use global variable in another page without using $_GET method?

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Second random id = ".$ad1[$rand_keys[1]]; ?>

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full form of php??


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i am a php programmer can i be a java programmer?

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How to apply Cake php ajax pagination?

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how to get substring of string without using substr() function in php ????

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How to get the number of visitors in a site?

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How to restrict the number of users login ? For ex:- if the allowed login is 10, for 11th user, the application should restrict them from login.

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What are the advantages of not using any frameworks ?


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Hi all,, im completely new to PHP, started learning just 2 days before. Can anybody tell me how to run a PHP file to see the program's output? i have created some simple program in Dreamweaver CS3 but don't know how to run it...

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how to store case sensitive data in mysql ? how repair mysql table? diff bet float, double,real? diff bet mysql_fetch_object() and mysql_fetch_array()? which version of mysql support procedure , trigger? diff php4 and php 5? op - 2+5+"8"=? how to create object in javascript? query - select games from team who won games 2/4/6? NaN command in php? How to offload System date in mysql? typecasting in php? how to convert string to two decimal no? how to parse xml file in php command line argument in php? diff bet $msg,$$msg? diff bet require(), include(), include_once()? tables in mysql?

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What is difference between str_replace and substr_replace

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hello all, I need some sample placement papers in lion bridge.. can anyone help me?



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How to check your php installation?


What are the differences between echo and print?


How are cookies created?


How to copy a file?


What are the four scalar types of php?


How to get the directory name out of a file path name?


How do you debug php?


List some of the features of php7.


What is the use of "ksort" in php?


How to create a session? How to remove data from a session?


What is the difference between indexed and associative array?


So if md5() generates the most secure hash, why would you ever use the less secure crc32() and sha1()?


Which library is used in php to do various types of image work?


What is the difference between abstract class and interface in php?


How to calculate the length of a string?