PHP Interview Questions
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I finished my degree 4 years back. I didnt get job in software. In the time(for 4 years) i worked one kpo industries. but now i got job in php(40 employes working there) as fresher(Salary 8000). Shall i join in php. I have no knowledge about php. Can i do well in php. How will my carrier if i join in php? Please can you give your idea.? It will be more usefull to me.

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Difference among echo, print and printf.

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What’s the difference between md5(), crc32() and sha1() crypto on PHP? -

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How do you match the character ^ at the beginning of the string? - ^^

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How can we submit a form without a submit button?


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What are the difference between include_once & Require_once?

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How to Retrieve video files in php from database.....and how to store video on database..

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How to upload any files extension in our database Ex.(.doc,.txt,mp4,mp3 etc.)in php

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why did u want to leave your past organisation?


which institute provide better PHP trainning in delhi? please tell me how much salary can freshers get ? thanku

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hi, i am new for php I want to know where to create & how to run phpscript programme in LAMP?

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sort term descripttion form, report and uery


What is exception in php?

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How can we extract string '' from a string '' using regular expression in PHP?

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How many php based companies in bangalore and chennai and over all india ? most of the persons saying for 2 years and 3 years they will be getting less than 15k per month how far is it true ? is it good scope for experience people can any one tell the exact experience pay for php developers one yr experience how much sal we expect ? two yr experience how much sal we expect ? three yr expereince how much sal we expect ? please kindly reply to the above questions as an experts you only please kindly judge and tell your practical experience in PHP ?

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What is mean tnq


Which function would you use to determine the length of a string in php?


what is difference between PHP4 , PHP5


Explain the visibility of the property or method?


What is Different between Joomla And Magento?


How can you associate a variable with a session?


Explain include(), include_once, require() and require_once?


what is the current salary package in India for a PHP programmer who has 1.5 years experience


what is the scope of php in the future if any other language is developed then may be php is loss ???


Explain Whitespace Characters?


How I can control asset documents without GR/IR?


Explain mysql_errno()?


armstrong number by using php while number is given by the keyboard.?


How would you open a directory for reading in php?


What are the Formatting and Printing Strings available in PHP?