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What are the advantages of not using any frameworks ?

What are the advantages of not using any frameworks ?..

Answer / vaibhav sharma

For the novice user, it is tougher to use the framework
quickly as it is big and complex abstract and user has to
spend more time in assessing the concept, function and its
uses in developing the program, which enhances the
development but after learning how to use it efficiently,
it becomes easier and quicker to develop any program,
module of application.

Another disadvantage is that a generic ‘one-size-fits-all’
does not work so efficiently for any specific software.
There is need to extend framework with specific code to
develop any specific software.

Software frameworks support and enhance the efficiency and
productivity of the application development but it faces
some problems in some specific domains like:

Artistic drawing, music composition, and mechanical CAD
Compilers for different programming languages and target
Financial modeling applications
Earth system modeling applications
Decision support systems
Media playback and authoring
Web applications

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