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how set session expire time in php?

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How to make multilanguage site in php? (like english,tamil)

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How to find second highest salary

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how can i upload only pdf files in my website? files has not a pdf extension mantioned


How can we know that a session is started or not? Rushmore-Consultancy 3 why we use @symbol before the variable HCL 3 How can you insert javascript in php code? TCS 9 How can you parse files that were not ending with .php by using Apache? 1 What is the difference between InnoDb tables and MyIsam Tables in php 1 Hi all, I have a problem in Apache on windows xp.I tried to unistall apache and install it again. But when in did the installation again, and tried to run apache, i get the following error message, Socketaddresse can just be used once. Make_sock: could not build to address No listening sockets available.Shutting down Unable to open logs. and i also get (error) OS2. The system cannot fine the installed service named "Apache2". Please i need some one to help me out with this.I'm really fustrated cuz i need this stuff working as fast as possible. PLEASE HELP ME 2 1.Where are the sessions storing ? 2.What are the contents of a session file ? 3.If the server is loaded with too many session files there is a possibility of server crash. How can we solve this issue? 4. How does php server identify that the particular session belongs to particular user ? For ex: If two users A and B logged from different machine, separate session files (say 1 and 2) will be created in the server. But how the php knows that 1 belongs to A and 2 belongs to B ? TCS 3 How to send Email using PHP with MySQL in Linux Server?.. 3 Write a query to to delete duplicate rows? 3 How i can integrate merchant payment get way in zen cart? in php? plz help me BA-Continnum-Solutions 1 how to maintained the session from one page to another page based on the url and then entered into the first page is logging into instead of secondpage it goes to the another first login session togoes to the one url and next login session it goes to another url how is it possible in php please give me answer in that question iCynergy 1 Is there a way to encrypt text from php? 4 What’s the difference between sort(), assort() and ksort? Under what circumstances would you use each of these? 1 Write the code for upload a video file in PHP.How will You Play this in Your Page.? Convex-Digital 2 how to select the multiple data in selection button xasis-technologies 1 what are the current or latest versions of LAMP ? Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP 3 WWhat is the functionality of md5 function in PHP? 6 how php works with oracle? 1 what mode to use when creating dirs with mkdir? 1 How to upload a file (may be a .txt or a .doc file) from a php script/file? 1 For more PHP Interview Questions Click Here Copyright Policy | Terms of Service | Help | Site Map 1 | Articles | Site Map | Site Map | Contact Us | interview questions urls External Links

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What is the difference between PHP,ASP and JSP?

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how we can retrive data in pdf along php mysql?

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what is used for tmp table in oracle?


Write a function that takes "depth" as argument and return sum of node's data of that depth. For instance, (0) depth 0 / \ (10) (20) depth 1 / \ (40) (50) depth2 If I pass get_sum_by_depth(2) , it would return 90 (i.e. 40 + 50 )



Binary tree question - Node has numeric data (int) The function takes depth as argument and sum all the value of the node of the depth. For instance, (0) depth 0 / \ 10 20 depth 1 / \ / \ 40 50 60 70 depth 2 so if you pass get_sum(2), you would return 220 which is 40+50+60+70 (sum of depth2) write the function.

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what is the difference between ph4 and php5

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how to work lamp server


how much can a 1yr experienced php programmer earn in india?

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What is the full form of PHP?

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how can I use bread crumb in PHP ?

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if you run the app program all vendor open items are cleared but is it possible to reverse the again again open items please tell me the answer


how to open & closing opening period in fico


armstrong number by using php while number is given by the keyboard.?


what are interfaces and Abstart classes


iam mca post graduate in 2010 not getting job in JAVA so iam looking for carear in php as market demand is high so it is best option to try for php or not


can we swap two different string using php for example:-- before swapping:-- 1 string :-hello friend, 2 string :-my dear, after swapping that strings will be: 1.hello dear, friend.


hello all, I need some sample placement papers in lion bridge.. can anyone help me?


How I can control asset documents without GR/IR?


How to genrate report in wordpress cms


discuss the issue of software theft in ghana and how it has affected the economy


Hello Friends,I am seeking for a job in php having 9 months. exp.Please suggest any company openings.


what is mean by portal


why did u want to leave your past organisation?


What are Routines?


what are the differences between php and perl