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How do i explode this string '||25||34||73||94||116||128' i need to have a array like this array ( 0 => '25', 1 => '34', 2 => '73', 3 => '94', 4 => '116', 5 => '128' ) explode("||", $array); didnt work for me i get this array array ( 0 => '', 1 => '25', 2 => '34', 3 => '73', 4 => '94', 5 => '116', 6 => '128', )

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hi..this is m,uch time req for php preparation?is any coaching avaiable in vizag for php?

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hi sir am kiran kumar finished my mca 2009 passed out sir .. i have more doubts regarding open source technologies sir if we pass zend exam in php can we get a job opportunity in foreign countries sir and is it good demand for php compared to dot net and java and some other technologies like sap , erp sir bcoz my friends saying they are finished dot net and java courses they telling in php we cannot earn more and we cannot go onsite opportunity even big companies not dealing with php is it right ah sir ? please send ur valuable suggestions to my email sir please send ur phone number also sir thanking u sir

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what type of images that the PHP version supports

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To run php script on a local machine we need to install Apache http server and php. Then only scripts are run in the browsers. but when these things are not loaded on a local machine and a php script is brought by the browser still the browser displays the page. how?

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Can anybody plz tell me if there any recruitment on php plz mail to had completed M.SC(MATHS) in 2007 . trying to get a job on php. i have good knowledge on PHP/MYSQL

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which is the best institute for php training near delhi & NCR......& what is the fee for the same....

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find highest salary

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What interest would a "work-for-ownership" offer receive from PHP/MySQL developers?

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how to uploade video in php????

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How to convert any type of video formate in flv formate in php can any buddy give me coding.

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how much a fresher php programmer can earn in india

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what is the default session expire time in php? what is default file attachment size in mail in php?

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Want to know the 10th max salary in salary table

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