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hi sir

am kiran kumar finished my mca 2009 passed out sir .. i
have more doubts regarding open source technologies sir

if we pass zend exam in php can we get a job opportunity in
foreign countries sir

and is it good demand for php compared to dot net and java
and some other technologies like sap , erp sir

bcoz my friends saying they are finished dot net and java
courses they telling in php we cannot earn more and we
cannot go onsite opportunity

even big companies not dealing with php is it right ah sir ?

please send ur valuable suggestions to my email sir

please send ur phone number also sir

thanking u sir

hi sir am kiran kumar finished my mca 2009 passed out sir .. i have more doubts regarding open..

Answer / yash

Hi kiran,

There are a lots of demand of PHP now a days. you can find it from the google, and also see there are lots of abroad jobs available for PHP experts.

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