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PHP Interview Questions
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Write a query to to delete duplicate rows?


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what is the difference between php and my sql

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difference between clanguage and c++


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what is nl2br?

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What the difference between WAMP5 1.7.3 and WampServer 2?

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hi, i have knowledge about PHP/MYSQL,i am fresher M.Sc-IT 2009 pass out,any recruitment in PHP please let me know.


hi! i am tushar. i am trying to insert digital signature in a pdf file using PHP. i create a digital signature jpg image using imagecreatefromjpeg() function, but whenever i trying to insert it into my pdf file it shown this error. "FPDF error: Not a JPEG file: signature.jpg". could some one help me? how can i insert a digital signature in a pdf file using PHP?

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hi, i have knowledge about PHP/MYSQL,i am fresher of M.Sc-IT 2009 pass out,any recruitment in PHP please let me email


hi recently i had faced an interview in that they asked me that php have faced the problem of y2k so which one is that year like 2030,2059 not remember exact year anybody will tell me pls?

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why we use @symbol before the variable

HCL, Numark,

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Explain about image types in detail?


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what is view?


can any one find and tell the difference between dot net and php which one is best ? which one we get more salary? which one is stable and which one is best for freshers and also better in future and carrer ? which one we wil get more salary sir ? please send ur valuable suggestions to


I just installed php 5.3.1 in my linux server and now my old work which i used to write with tags is not working at all.. Please help me out.. How can i resolve this??

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Why we are using PHP than others for web developing?

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Which function Returns the time of sunrise for a given day / location in PHP.


Explain what are the three classes of errors that can occur in php?


How to reset/destroy a cookie in php?


Is echo a function in php?


Why laravel is best php framework?


What is an operator in php?


How many php functions are there?


What is session management php?


What is helper library?


What is new static in php?


How to concatenate two strings in php?


Xplain is it possible to use com component in php?


Explain mail function in PHP with syntax?


What is composer json?


What is the difference server side and browser side validation?