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i got 2 year backs in my MCA,i am 28 year guy, presently learning PHP, can i get the job & on facing the interview wht i will answer out for that?? (experience in as a 1.5yr System analyst after graduation)


how to display and include the user system date/time in a php program/project


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•How to upload files using PHP?

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•How to access crystal reports through PHP code?


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What is htaccess?

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•How do you create subdomains using PHP?

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•How can we submit a form without a submit button

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how to change the div background color on every refresh..guys can u help me out.

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how can i get USA time using php...

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Can a php code encryted? Is it possible to execute the php file which is encrypted(without decrypting), if so pleaze tell me the way.

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How can we submit a form without a submit button?

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please can any one tell is there any openings for freshers in PHP ...please tell the company name and address sir where can i find ..php related companies and how much i expect salary as a fresher in php ..i finished my LAMP course i done my mca ..i seen in many job portals there is no job for freshers in php can any one tel me please in chennai i need php jobs ..? thank u friends

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"$this" what type of object it is?

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at present am learning lamp course sir ..i want to know the carrer prospectus in php there any companies recruiting freshers in chennai ..for freshers how much can i demand as a fresher in php ....?i finished my mca ..please sugggest me to face interview in php asking salary details and all please suggest me how much can i ask as a fresher in php ? and also tel is there any openings in chennai for recruting php freshers send their emails and company info please ? please send ur valuable suggestions to i hope u wil reply to my question thank u guys bye take care see u soon all the best to everyone

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hi guys..i m new to php..and want to learn it including the oops concept...can anybody send me some good programming bases exercise or a small learning project on it at know html and going thru some of its websites.But about to go on it practically.plz advice.

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what is benefit of magento?


what are interfaces and Abstart classes


What is session and Cokkies . How it works . tell some thing about Session_id()


how can i develop forum code? any one pleale help me on this question


What is different between software and app


i m a B.E,passed out few yrs bak failed to find good job due to less marks now thinkin of a career as PHP developer. is it a lucarative field and wat r career prospects; hv heard dat initial salary is very less bout 6k also most jobs r contrct jobs.pls guide me need ur valuable advice.pls hellppp!! thnx..


armstrong number by using php while number is given by the keyboard.?


why did u want to leave your past organisation?


how to open & closing opening period in fico


write a note on Testing the web site


am from learning php&mysql. what will be the approx salary for me if i get a job in coimbatore.


"mysql_fetch_row — Get a result row as an enumerated array",this sentence comes from the PHP offical manual.However ,i can not understand the words "enumerated array".I need some help.Thanks a lot to everyone that reply.


What is Different between Joomla And Magento?


sort term descripttion form, report and uery


What is polymorphism?