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please can any one tell is there any openings for freshers
in PHP ...please tell the company name and address sir
where can i find ..php related companies and how much i
expect salary as a fresher in php ..i finished my LAMP
course i done my mca ..i seen in many job portals there is
no job for freshers in php can any one tel me please in
chennai i need php jobs ..?

thank u friends

please can any one tell is there any openings for freshers in PHP ...please tell the company name a..

Answer / kk

i understand you are a fresher,, if u really intertested in
finding job 100% sure you should go for the reference of the
existing employees,,it will be possible for you by approaching
reputed consultancies, i am sure u will secure ajob which
suits you perfectly by knowing the list of job placements
consultancies,,to know about list of placement consultancies
go through

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