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Core Java Interview Questions
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what is the need of the Ajax?


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I want to know the host name and provider name for tcs web mail


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How Array List can be Serialized.


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Why we use static and synchronized in method for single thread model example: public static synchronized add(){}

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what is main difference b/w abstract class and interface

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if arraylist size is increased from initial size what is the size of arraylist...suppose initial is 100 , if i add 101 element what is the size...

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why interfaces are faster than abstract classes?

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how to call a method in different package?

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How to create two different thread class inside a main function?

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why String class is immutable.


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How to sort a vector elements that contains the user define class object? (Note: If Suppose consider, A Student class contain two data members. They are String studentName and int rollNo. I am creating Four objects for this class, each object contains students details like name and roll no. Now i am storing that objects in vector and if i retiving the elements from the vector means then it should be display in sorting order)

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what is aberivation of java?

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explain about jre and jvm

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what is difference between abstract and interface? can i give real time example for the two topics?

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Is java is a fully object object oriented language?


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How to make a read-only class in java?


What do you mean by scope of variable?


What is a Null object?


what is thread? What are the high-level thread states? : Java thread


Is null a keyword in java?


Can a static class have a constructor?


What is variable and constant explain with example?


what is the constructor and how many types of constructors are used in java?


What is "this" keyword in java? Explain


What is the properties class in java programming?


What is the use of math abs in java?


What is the use of put method?


Can we call virtual funciton in a constructor ?


What is arrays aslist in java?


What modifiers may be used with an inner class that is a member of an outer class in java programming?