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Core Java Interview Questions
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why there are multiple catches for a try block.don't tell me that there can be multiple exception of a code segment that's why.tell me the real fact behind this.

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Which are thin and thicK wrapper Class's in Java?

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Hi, This is ravi i have a question like this i have string "UNDERSTAND" now i want to count the letters how many times it occures.i.e from the above string the out put should be like this U-1,N-2,D-2,E-1,R-1,S-1,T-1,A-1. how can i achieve this Thnaks in advance for your response ..

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Why do inner class cannot have static declaration except static nested class?

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What is the basically use of finally while we know it is always executed but why?

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Why can't we make jsp as a controller and action servlet in struts?

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What is the difference between error and exception and explain in simple words not whatever is given in the book.

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What is the differnence between String Buffer and String builder despite having knowledge that String builder is faster than String Buffer and last one is threadsafe.please tell another important difference.


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define System.out.println(); what is the meaning!


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whats string ?


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After compilation of java program we'll get .class code. If it's generated in OS Windows XP will it work on OS Linux? If yes why? If no why?


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What are the OOAD concepts in java explain with examples?

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What is difference between Eclips and MyEclips?

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what is the difference between sleep() and Wait()?

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What is escape analysis algorithm in JVM and how garbage collection actually worked n how it transfer the objects from one kind of space to other?


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What is string in java with example?


Can each java object keep track of all the threads that want to exclusively access it?


What is the difference between post and put?


How is the marker interface used in Java?


Which is the best sorting technique in java?


What is difference between stringbuffer and string?


How does sublist works in java?


What is meant by data hiding/encapsulation?


What is this () in java?


What is mysql driver class name?


What does string intern() method do?


design an lru cache in java?


List down the methods and interfaces of collection class in java.


What are the actions that can occur when a thread enters blocked state?


When object is created and destroyed?