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Core Java Interview Questions
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wht is mean by dirty read?

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what is the difference between Java Command Line and C command Line?

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In Inheritence concept, i have a static method in super class and i am inheriting that class to one sub that case the static method is inherited to sub class or not????


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Q1.A. Write note on “The class path Environment Variable”? B. Which are different kinds of source code? Q2.A. How to create an interface? B. Why convert an applet to an application? Q3.A. How to use Media tracker Class. B. How to use string tokenizer class. Q4 A. Explain the overview of UDP messaging. B. Difference between SQL Exception class and SQL Warning class. Q5. A. How to create com object in Java? B. Write short notes on “The properties class” Q6. A. When object is created and destroyed? B. Explain the JDB in depth & command line. C. Write short notes on Web Sites.

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what are the oops concept in java explain with real time examples

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what is difference between Exception and Error?

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what is difference between colection and collections?

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Why we can not force Garbage Collection?

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I have a class which is abstract which contains only the abstract methods. This is similar to an interface. Then, if i have given a choice to choose one of them. Which one i have to choose and why?

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How multipleInheritance is possible in java?


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explain me with a code snippet about the generation and handling of null point exceptions.

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We have two methods to create methods the threads. 1. Implementing runnable interface 2. Extending to thread class and overriding run method. Among these two which one is better and why? Please explain me in detail.

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When we can access the static data member without creating the object what is the need of the object in java.

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whst is encapsulation?when u encpsulate actually while devoloping code?

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what is the messsage u r going to get from an objectoriented programing?



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Write code to implement bubble sort in java?


What is member in java?


What is a text string?


What is constructor and its types?


What a static class can contains?


What are thread local variables?


What are the procedures?


Where to store local variables?


If we don’t want some of the fields not to serialize how to do that?


What carriage return means?


What is thread safe java?


What about instanceof operator in java?


What is the statements?


why we use merge option in hybernate pls give a ex snippet


What is difference between Heap and Stack Memory?