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Law AllOther Interview Questions
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Whether a Minor can purchase or sell Company Share ? A person presented company share for transfer in his favour but the Transfer Deed accompanied by Company Share is of such date when the person was Minor.Whether the Company accept the Transfer Deed and transfer those shares in his favour.

Nagarjuna Fertilizers,


who is our chief president


Dear Friends, Please send me State Bank of Maharashtra or other banks - LAW OFFICER's Exam Questions Papers for the past five years. I will be highly obliged.


What is the retirement age of prime minister of india??

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If we are taking Input credit on purchase on the basis of origal VAT Invoices,but party didn't pay the tax to the the sales tax department.Is there is any provision in VAT laws that our Input Tax will be disallowed on that basis. If there is any circulars or notification on this matter then pls give me the reference No. Thanking in Advance Navin Srivastava


i want to know all the things important for a giving upsc exam. moreover please inform me which book 0r material i use for preparing of upsc exam.


What is Sweat Equity


What is Bought out Dealings?


Explain the procedure for Merger and demerger

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explain the NRI Accounts available for non resident indians with relative benefits: which account is most appropriate for the NRI.


explain the features of FEMA:

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State the circumstances where Licence is not required?


explain the provisions relating to INTER CORPORATE LOANS AND INVESTMENTS:


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1.why r u pursuing mba after B.A.LL.B? 2.why r u pursuing mba in HR?


Hi to all, i worked in TCS ( Bpo ) for 6 months & i left TCS because of my health issues and one main reason was my senior was not good, i always found myself tortured, no doubt that envoirnment of TCS is really very good, and obviously there are lots of benefits for their employees, even i spoke to my process head, my process manager, even with the process HR , i discussed on the problem i am facing and requested them to move me into other process but there is one policy is till the time i will not complete 18 months in the same process they are unable to move me into other process, and i left TCS within 6 months , i informed my seniors , HR that i am not well wont be able to continue and i need some rest, and it was BPO , i was really very disturbed putting headphones whole day , it was quite frustrating , after 1 month i had started receiving letters from tcs that i am absent from my duties and i haven't informed anyone, then i again spoke to my HR and my senior that i am no well and also shared medical certificate , but that time my HR was on 15-20 days leave, and he couldn't check my mail. after some time i have started receiving reminders that i have to report within 24 hours else they will take strict action against me, i was really very depressed because one side i was not able to continue in same process and i was getting mails on mails that i have to report and i need to continue, i was not willing to TCS, my HR was on leave, i was not aware whether he is in office or not, when i received final letter then the very same day i contacted my collegue and he told me that HR is on leave, then i forwarded the same mail with my medical to Head office ( Mumbai ), where from i was getting mails, and i got contact no of 1 HR then she said today you are responding because today u got final letter , and before that there was no information about you. then i got absconded, & i received too much letters that i am absconded and i have to pay 20k, now i am willing to join TCS , not in same process , and i am also working as a HR ,in a small firm, now pls help me and suggest me that can i join TCS again if i will clear that outstanding or is there any chance to join tcs,


who has to get license under central excise for Excise Duty on Branded Articles of jewellary,chapter sub heading 7113, classifiable in union budget 2011-12.


Lots of legislation includes phrases like "beyond reasonable doubt"- what does this actually mean?


SIR, our client is carrying business It is a ASSOciation of individuals.Can you say whether it is a AOP or doubt is that AoP includes persons for a common purpose But according to I>T act PERSON includes individuals also


standard form of contract is a protection available to consumer from explitative sweeping clauses?explain.


i am having interview in uco &PNB in legal manager streem ple give me some guidence and send me previous interview questions to my mail id


Is sales Tax Applicable in companies under SEZ organisation (Special Economic Zone)What is it Rate. What is Form -I For SEZ Companies


what is the retirement age of an Ex-Military man?


The judge may give a lighter sentence than the victim and or community believe are fair. How you address the victim or community's concern regarding the sentence?


What is best: a written or non-written constitution?


Please give an example solutions of Professional Tax Calculations?


If A gave B £100 thinking it was a loan and B accepted the money thinking it was a gift, should he give it back?


I Want to konw the full knowledge about India Pvt. Ltd. Company, Ltd. Company., Pvt. Ltd. Company Etc. Thanks


Do you think that the impact of human rights will be severe on criminal law?