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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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what is exact entry for cash receipts and cash payments? did sales n purchases invoices are issued to this receipts n payments?


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What is the accounting treatment for finance lease in lessee's viewpoint?


what is status report? and flow report?



explain liquidity Damages?


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explain sales/purchase accounting?



what are the content of purchase order?

Accenture, Capital IQ,


would gross expenditure vouch the correctness or otherwise of the given expenses?



what are the types of provisions that you would make for the end of a financial year?explain


is 'loan' categorized as billpayable?explain

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paid salary rs.10000 by cheque to mr ravi

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why BRS is used

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why do u prepare trial balance

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what is the reason for balance sheet not getting tallyed


while passing a journal entry we rite dr. for the a/c to be debited but why don't we write cr. for the a/c which is credited and instead write 'TO'??


why are capital account shown in liabilities side what is meaning of capital account in balance sheet

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If we spend a sum of Rs.10 Lacs towards Processing and Upfront fee for obtaining working capital term loan. can we treat this amount as a deferred revenue expenditure or not


what is waybill key number & how can it be issue?


business sepsarate entity concepts

1262 can carry forward the balance of ledgers to the next financial year in tally erp 9


what are the seven accounting rules


If i have a company in India doing purchase from Shrilanka, If i buy in Shrilankan local currency and make the payments in Indian Currency At the end of year how shall i settle the difference Exchange money in Books of Accounts.


How can i do the entry of of service tax in tally.


Respective sir I'm bcom 1st sem student. I have very interest in banking sector. I finished my pu with 88% how I can prepare for banking exam (especially po)yet I have no any practice but I hope if I get good guidance I can pass my banking exam so kindly inform me how I can prepare for po exams. My email address is- I'm really counting second when I will get ans by u. Thank you sir


Indian Iran Gas pipeline


i am called for interview but im getting confused wt sort of questions i wd have to face,its a bank job and post is cash ofiicer please help me.


what is balancesheet adjustment a/c. what is the use of this a/c in sap fico


Ledger Is The Principle Book Of Accounts In Business. Do You Agree For It. Comment On Your Confirmation?


what amounts to appropriation of profits? When provision for taxation does not amount to appropriation of profits?


What z d diff of accounting principle,accounting standard,accounting rules,accounting procedures,accounting concepts??????


What are the major responsibility's of an accountant? what are the qualities he /she requires?