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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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Dear Friends i want to know full details about TDS and VAT. So please guide me a website which having the details of TDS,VAT.


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what do u mean the word accounting.

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Hello Frd's This is Mohd NaseerUddin. Is Anyone can help me out to findout a Accounting Peachtree 7.2 note's aswel as Focus notes also Plsssssss helpme out to find it. My E-mail id is


What is accrued account payable?? Give some journal entries with examples.

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What type of questions in accouting point of respect they ask genrally plz help me find out this.



Please help in payroll accounting in tally 9.0, by all means and all things in it (Ex:creation of pay heads, employyes groups, etc and other things which are necessary for payroll accounting).

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why net profit will be added to the balance sheet? is there any reason?

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How can you actualize cah flows of 5 years at 8%



what is converstion cost?

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What do you mean by preliminary expenses & what are types or Personal,real and nominal accounts (give some examples of it)

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What is depriciation, explain this to me


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What is Scientific Purchasing?


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what is the difference between time keeping and time booking?

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what is market captilization?

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what is working capital in what way it is useful for company or orgainzation

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in which group under we will open donation and hamali weekly payment account or ledger


Hi Iam Arun D. I m short listed for Karnatka bank interview. Can anybody share ur experiences regarding Bank interview of karnatka bank which was held on dec for Officer's post. Please help me I f u can. thanx in advance


I am maintaing books of accounts a Software Co. Kindly advise me Account Head of these exps. (Software Exps.,Internet Exps., Video Exps.,Server Maint.Exps.,& SMS Exps.,) Thanks


What Is The Limitation Of Remuneration Allowed If Book Profit Is 375850 In A Business Firm And In A Professional Firm?


Dear All, Please reply ASAP. I have an account with SBI and ICICI bank. I have mention the Authorised bank address of SBI in our Shipping bill and GR. But we have received the Payments in ICICI Bank. Please inform who are able to realise the Bank Realisation Certificate (BRC)ICICI or SBI. Can SBI are quolify for refuse for BRC Application. Please reply of this query on regards Kalpesh Jani 9978912950


let me know the meaning and Nature of cash


What will be entry pass in tally if TDS paid by Credit Card.?


why did rbi hiked repo and reverse ratio and how it will effect the market


What are the benefits ofparticipation in a depository?


Fiscal year variant F1 has 6 posting periods and fiscal year variant F2 has 4 posting periods. The posting have different start and ending dates.assign posting period variant F1 is assigned to leading ledger (0L) and F2 is assigned to the non-leading ledger(N1). You get an error message when making a posting in the non-leading ledger.?( any 1 answer) • The posting period variant of the non-leading ledger and the leading are different • The fiscal year variant of the non-leading ledger and the leading ledger are different • The posting is being made in a special period, but both variants are examples of a shortened fiscal year • The posting period for the non leading ledger group”N1” is closed


do we have to learn all the shortcutkeys in tally.i am from non commerce background ,where should i start from.


my qustion is what is H foam and where use




How to answer for the question, tell me about ur project? I mean in which format can i say?


Placed an order with Mani for supply of goods worth Rs.5000/-. state whether the the following transcation is business transcation or non business transcation? with reson or explaination?