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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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what is tds

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what is reconciliation

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What is Cash Management System? What is advantages of using CMS Facility?

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i dono how to calculate vat pls help me

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What is the types of accounts & it's rules ?


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While processimg for vendor outgoing payments in f-53 i am getting error massage rate difference incomplete in vendor g/l account and allowing me to clear the payment,how can i rectify this one,plz guide me?

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i want to know the TDS deduction Chart for 2008/09 Eg : professional fee ,contractors ,subcontroctors. rent . ............


what is portfolio management? and what is zero based budget?

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What is Earning per share?

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describe how accuracy in trial balance is a prime objective for preparing the financial statements?


describe how accuracy in trial balance is a prime objective for preparing the financial statements?

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What is STPI work in accounting of a company?

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What is the Formula of debt equity ratio? Also Define its importance in accountancy.

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Take me through the entire vendor cycle.

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what is open item management?

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I customized the tax procedures, after posting normal g&l (f-02), i got an error, error is complete lineitem display, its popup error message num, how can i find the message error, whats the t-code


Erection and Instalation charges of Rs 7500 to Lift was debited to repairs and maintenance account. Rectify it




Respective sir I'm bcom 1st sem student. I have very interest in banking sector. I finished my pu with 88% how I can prepare for banking exam (especially po)yet I have no any practice but I hope if I get good guidance I can pass my banking exam so kindly inform me how I can prepare for po exams. My email address is- I'm really counting second when I will get ans by u. Thank you sir


2Create a program that accepts a number and output its equivalent in words (maximum input number is 3000). for example Enter a number: 1380 one thousand three hundred eighty


Whats the Balnace of Closing stock so if we issued the materil then the Closing stick will be dr and in case we pirchsed the materil the closing stock will be cr so tell me that i m correct or not


Expand BFSI


what is cnc machine hour rate? how it is calculated?


what are the purpose for the preparation of cost centre ?


Define capital


i want the difference p&l a/c and Income and expediture statement




Two months rent of Rs 25000/- was adjusted in Rental advance account at the time vacating office


What is T+2 rolli g settlement cycle?


what is the difference between Tally ERP and SAP FI ECC?