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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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what are the fundamentals of book keeping

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What are the legal entities that constitute your business? Does a legal entity have a seperate Federal Tax Id? In which country does a legal entity operate? In which currency does a legal entity operate? When does each legal entity's fiscal year begin?


Please let me know the journal entry for the below. "A" paid Rs.100 to "C" on behalf of "B"

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Plz Give the Inventry Accounting Procedure 1.Domestic Purchases ( VAT,CST,& Excise) 2.Import Purchases ( Direct Expences & Excise ) 3.When Will the Price Diffrence Entry Happen? 4.Cash Discount & Trade Discount On Purchases? 5.Domestic Sales ( VAT,CST,& Excise) 6.Export Sales ( Customes ,Excise ) 7.Cash Discount & Trade Discount On Sales?


what is meant by derivatives

Capital IQ, RRDonnelley,

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deferred revenue expenditure


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capital expenditure , revenue expenditure

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types of derivatives

ICICI, RRDonnelley,

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investment banking

Capital IQ, RRDonnelley, Wipro,

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hedge fund, hedging


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nav , npv


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market capitalisation


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npv, arbitrage


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Should I deduct TDS for Dyeing Charges in Garments Industry? If yes what is the percentage under which group it will come?

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what is the subprime?explain it.


What is meant by Nostro Reconciliation


what are the purpose for the preparation of cost centre ?


What are Home Equity Loans ?


Nature of training account with reason


3.In TALLY,we used to call tally erp that,in sap we used to call SAP ECC what is ECC?,i know the abbreviation of ECC.i want to know the role of ECC?


1) why rbi charges more interest rate in d form of repo while borrowing from commercial banks, and lends at a lower interest rate(reverse repo) to d commercial banks? 2) Do cooperative banks need to maintain policy rates with rbi? 3) why rbi does'nt pay any interest rate on CRR?


what is a meaning of track record in tally software when we maintain the inventory entry what is role of track record


What does stand for EPD,MIS? Can anyone tell me briefly n clearly about this?


what is the difference between Tally ERP and SAP FI ECC?


whether unsecured loans written off can be transferred directly to capital reserve without crediting it to profit and loss account


can any body help me with a copy of (any month/year) bank reconsilation statement,


What are different types of reports made in tally


selling price = shs. 200, variable overhead-selling per unit= shs 80, variable production cost per unit = shs 60, fixed selling cost = 2,840,000. the production capacity of the project is 200,000 units. required P/V ratio, BEP and margin of safety


HI i have been shortlisted for the Syndicate bank PO post. Can any one guide me about the interview questions..and answers?