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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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where we have file E-returns in SAP FICO-CIN/Wtax?



Please tell me the process of Selction of Junior Research Associate in Capitaliq(Intervie rounds&written test)

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What is mean by ETDS

ETDS, Syntel,

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What is Standard Cost?

Cap Gemini,

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Hi guys, If anyone have gone through the CAPITAL IQ-Junior Research Associate interview then plz let me know about its pattern..and if anyone hav its placement papers or any other information then plz post to me at


I am Lavanya i have been selected in HR round in HP INVENT and i have Operation round as next round may i know what will they ask here and after this what is the next round?????

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give narration of cash----a/c---Dr To cash


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What is difference between NSE and BSE? Which company are include in NSE and which are include in BSE? How do i will cme to now that i have invested in NSE or BSE?

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what is ZBA hold & balance hold in banking?


what is the golden rules of accountancy ?withdrwal frm atm what will be the transaction ?

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What is Risk Assessment?


What Is repo transaction

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when the money introduced in india

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what is crr


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What is Accounting? How to prepare the manual accounts? What are the manual accounts? What are the subsidary books? How to classify, summerising and posting accounts. What are basic and important stpes to take while preparing journal,ledger,cashbook, Bank book, Trailbalance, Trading and profit and loss a/c and Balance sheet.

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how to maintain stock if any entry mismatch pllzz tell me short cut


what is Tds %,Service tax %,Cess %,and ESI,PF %,and what is the use of this.


Telly ERP9 is perfect accounting softwear in excise unit.


What is mamimum rate of CST applicable on Plastic Doors in NOIDA?


am attend to bank exam(iob)pls send model questions


difference between contra entry and double entry?


the total of a firm id a rs.6.4 lakh.he has gross profit margin 15% curre ratio of rs.2.5 the firm current libility is rs.96000,inventry, rs.48000 and cash rs 16000. determine the average inventry of firm iss 5 times determine the avg collectin period of opening balance.


plz send me the apptitude question papers of wipro


Apportion Rs 125000/- Nett loss among the partners A,B,C as per their sharing ratios 32%,16% and the balance to C. Pass journal entry


While we are bringing our machinery items to factory through a vehicle from other state to Andhra pradesh, is this correct to send our own state way bill along with the other state way bill.


The Analysis of flow of funds through an organization can be very useful to the managment. Elucidate


What are the benefits ofparticipation in a depository?


Short Answer on _________________City Compensatory allowance


hi this is sharath,from hassan ,karnataka.,., i am caled for t interv on 28th may 2009, 12 noon, at foll location.,. STATE BANK OF MYSORE STAFF TRAINING CENTRE 104/105 7TH MAIN ROAD JAYALAKSHMIPURAM MYSORE-570012. anybody who is also attendin the same interview please reply me .,.,. i am in my final yr BE EnC,MCE hassan, i wold like to know more about the interview .,., please do reply.,.,. yours friendly, sharath kumar,


Short Answer on ________Ad-Valorem Duties