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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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Is TDS applicable to Voice Over IP(VOIP) service to an India VOIP service provider? please provide the related acts and case studies.



Do you need a loan?

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Why trade discount is not recorded in the books of account?

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What is MIS Report? How do you make MIS Report?

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circumstances in dissolution of solvent and insolvent partner in garner v/s murray rule

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What do you mean by pecuniary transaction?


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how to show Income receivable in tally erp-9.

ABC, Genpact, IBM,

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difference between borrow and raise

State Bank of Hyderabad SBH,

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all BESCOM exam papers


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Explain why cooperative accounting is different from financial accounting?

Meru University of Science & Technology,

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Car purches from Amar Traders of rs- 2000 Payed in cash.This is a journal entry (open F7).

Aventis Electronics,

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Chq of Rs- 50000 recived from sunil Traders

Aventis Electronics,

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Is bank charge an assest, equity or liability? 

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Describe the accounting principles

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is advance against FD or RD is treated as NPA .if EMI is not in scheduled . or classification of npa as per day is is made from sanction date or last payment date of repayment . please suggest me


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what type of a/c these accounts are are tey real, nominal or personal (1)realisation a/c (2)new company a/c(3)equity share holders a/c


would gross expenditure vouch the correctness or otherwise of the given expenses?




4. Calculate the following from the particulars given below: i) Material Cost Variance ii) Material Price Variance iii) Material Usage Variance iv) Material Mix Variance v) Material Yield Variance Material Standard Actual Qty kgs. Price Rs Value Rs. Qty kgs. Price Rs Value Rs A 50 4 200 40 5 200 B 30 6 180 30 6 180 C 20 3 60 30 3 90 100 440 100 470 Loss 20 ----- 30 ----- 80 440 70 470


what is a depository?


what is mean by provision ? give me examples ..


Short Answer on ______________House Rent allowance


3.In TALLY,we used to call tally erp that,in sap we used to call SAP ECC what is ECC?,i know the abbreviation of ECC.i want to know the role of ECC?


euro currency market


explain about mergers & aquisitions? asked on 30/7/09


I've just started to work as an accounts executive and intending to take up SAP. Can anyone tell me what are the preparations required for me as an accountant to be a successful SAP consultant.


how we could adj. the entries of prop. & firm in merging time


why would you like to opt nbp




What is Financial planning?