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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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is there any board resolutions in case of a proprietorship firm

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A person who owes money from business is a)lender b)debtor c)investor

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what is the difference between accounts manager and finance manager?


explain how the accounting concept of prudence is observed when a business provides for the depreciation of its non current assets

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fright receive ledger which group under we will open in tally

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in which group under we will open donation and hamali weekly payment account or ledger


mention 3 types of cash book

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Basic difference between CENVAT AND CST ?

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what is mean by provision ? give me examples ..


what did you mean by cash credit limit account ?

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What will be entry pass in tally if TDS paid by Credit Card.?



what is cost audit?


Examples of automatic generated content material of car logbook loans?


what is meaning NPA?

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what is the difference between speculation & investment?


what is audit mean? what is vouching? how to finalize the account? what is the meaning of + cast < as per last year auditor’s a/c ^ as per ledger JV journal voucher PV payment voucher AJV authorised journal voucher APV authorised journal voucher RV receiving voucher PCV petty cash voucher CPV cash payment voucher DN debit note DO delivery order PO purchases order CN credit note PS policy schedule RPS renewal policy schedule B bill Cx cross check nCx cannot cross check CB cash bill L list/letter SRF stock requisition form R report OR office report INV invoice DS deposit slip AB assessment bill Re receipt ECF entertainment claim form ATRF air ticket requisition form


Dear all We have purchases the dialer & loger with all equipement for setup new call center from simens ltd. i taken to in our books as plant & machinary under fixed assets .So we want the rate of deprecation. Please answered me .


What is meant by consignment


We have a registered dealer under APVAT Act. Our company is manufacturing & marketing of seeds. seeds exempted under vat. recently we have purchased machinery for our new plant construction, against c form. now sales tax dept.not giving the c forms, because our final product is exempted, we are not eligible for c forms. kindly clarify.


What is share,Bond, sharecapital, Budgeting, BRS, CA, CL, WC, WACC, Depreciation, types of Depreciation, B/S, CF items and some transactions and Preference Share capital, Equity Share Capital , Debenture and practicle Questions to solve and tell there itself whether the co's good for investing opinion for problems to find out how good one is with basics.


How can I find out my credit rating score for free?


I want to know how to get Appeared to the examination of State bank of India. And how can i find the question Book Series.


what is the difference between cash flow and funds flow


Why closing stock appears both in trading and Balance sheet? Why does it doesnot appear in trail balance.


what is corporate accounting?


What is the Finalization of Accounts?


Rs. 23.50 ( Rupes twenty three & paise fifty only) what is euro Conversion?


how standard costing techniques are applied in manufacturing sectors


is it necessasary to make a partnership deed